ROH 11th Anniversary Results: New Champions Crowned, Steen Vs. Lethal, More

Winners and new ROH World Tag Team Champions: reDRagon

Jay Lethal vs. Kevin Steen - ROH World Championship Match

Steen tries to adhere to the code of honor, but Lethal refuses. They exchange strikes and Steen tosses Lethal to the outside. Lethal whips Steen into the barrier, followed by several chops. Steen rakes Lethal's eyes, and whips him into the barrier. Lethal reverses by whipping Steen into the barrier. Steen rolls Lethal into the ring, and Lethal drop toe holds him onto the second rope, followed by a dropkick. He then takes Steen to the corner, and chops him. Steen fights back with several punches, but Lethal lands a dropkick. Lethal then kicks Steen in the corner. Steen comes back and charges Lethal, but Lethal sends him to the apron, and then kicks him to the floor. Lethal then hits two suicide dives. He goes for another, but Steen trips him, and then powerbombs him onto the apron. Steen then picks Lethal up and crotches him on the turnbuckle. He then hits Lethal in the back, and rolls him into the ring. He knees Lethal, and slams him to the mat for a near pin fall. He chokes Lethal on the middle rope, and they exchange strikes. Steen hits a DDT. Lethal tries to fight back with a series of punches, but Steen nails him with a clothesline. Steen goes up top and tries a senton, but Lethal puts his knees up. Lethal then hits a back cracker for a near pin fall.

Lethal tries to keep the attack up, but Steen hits a pump handle Suplex into a back breaker for a near pin fall. Steen goes for the cannonball senton, but Lethal moves and hits a neckbreaker. Lethal signals for the Lethal Injection, but the ref gets taken out accidentally. Lethal lands the Lethal Injection on Steen, and SCUM swarms the ring, attacking Lethal with a spike piledriver. They pull Steen over Lethal and wake the ref up, but Lethal kicks out. Jacobs drops an elbow on the ref, and Nigel McGuinness runs out. He sends Corino from the ring. Jacobs tries to attack Lethal back in the ring, but Lethal enziguri's him. Steen wakes up, and he and Lethal exchange strikes. Lethal hits a running forearm, followed by a pair of dragon suplexes for a near pin fall.

Lethal kicks Steen in the head, but Steen comes back with a sit out powerbomb for a near pin fall. Lethal hits five super kicks, followed by the Lethal Combination. He goes up top and hits the Hail to the King elbow drop for a near pin fall. He locks in a Koji Clutch on Steen, but Steen rolls to the ropes. Steen goes to the apron, and Lethal follows him. Steen F-Cinqs him from the apron through the timekeeper's table, I believe. Steen rolls into the ring as the ref counts. Lethal tries to get back into the ring, but Jacobs grabs his feet. He makes it into the ring right before the ref finishes the 20 count, and Steen hits the package piledriver for a near pin fall. Jacobs gets up on the apron, and Steen tells him to leave. Lethal rolls him up off the distraction for a near pin fall. Lethal super kicks Steen, and Steen nails Lethal with a big clothesline immediately after. Both men are laid out. They get to their feet and Lethal boots Steen. He goes up top and Steen follows him. They fight on the turnbuckle. Lethal hits Steen with multiple right hands, but Steen spikes Lethal's head onto the turnbuckle for the win.

Winner and still ROH World Champion: Kevin Steen

After the match SCUM attacks Lethal. The Briscoes run out to try and save Lethal, but Rhino gores them. Coleman and Alexander run out for the save, but Jimmy Rave runs out with a SCUM shirt and helps SCUM. BJ Whitmer runs out to try and attack SCUM, but Rhett Titus runs out and takes him out. He then rips his shirt off and is wearing a SCUM shirt beneath it. Elgin then runs out to try and attack SCUM, but Cliff Compton runs out and he is wearing a SCUM shirt as well.

Steen comes into the ring and he stares around. The Wolves come out, but SCUM soon overtakes them. Matt Hardy then comes out and he is wearing a SCUM shirt as well. They start handcuffing wrestlers to the ropes as Corino picks up a mic and says he told everyone evil was coming. He says people are witnessing the evolution of SCUM and the destruction of Ring of Honor. He says no one can do anything about it. He says Kevin Steen has proved he is the greatest ROH Champ ever, and he is the king of ROH and the king of pro wrestling. He says their mission has always remained the same, and that ROH should be proud because they are as much involved in the destruction as SCUM. He says he can speak for Kevin Steen when he says the nail has been put in the coffin. He says SCUM has been put down by the company, and they've had to put up with fans complaining. He says they will murder the company. Jimmy Jacobs then attacks a ROH flag and SCUM rips it apart.

Corino says war has been declared, and tonight honor has died.

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