ROH 11th Anniversary Results: New Champions Crowned, Steen Vs. Lethal, More

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11th Anniversary opens with a recap of the feud between Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen leading up to their title match later tonight.

QT Marshall vs. ACH vs. Silas Young vs. Mike Sydal vs. Adam Page vs. Tadarius Thomas- 6 Man Mayhem

ACH and Page start things off. They tie up and Page takes control with a side headlock. ACH hits a shoulder block takedown and Page hits an arm drag. ACH hits a head scissors, followed by a knife edge chop. Thomas comes in and double teams Page with ACH. Page rolls out of the ring and Young takes ACH's knees out. Young chops Thomas and tosses him to the outside. Sydal comes in and kicks Young in the head. Marshal comes in and takes everyone out. He gloats, and then ACH hits a hurricanrana from behind. Page and Thomas come in and attack each other in the center of the ring. Thomas tosses Page to the apron. Thomas flips over the apron and takes out everyone except Sydal and ACH. Sydal then flips off the top rope and takes everyone else out.

ACH then flips over the top rope and takes everyone out. RD Evans comes out to the ring and gets superplexed to the outside, taking everyone out. ACH and Marshall are in the ring. ACH goes to the outside, and Page comes in. Marshall hits him with an Alabama Slam and Thomas comes in. Marshall rolls out of the ring and Sydal comes in with a standing moonsault. Young comes in and they go back and forth. He hits a senton on Sydal and ACH comes in. He slams Young to the mat over his back and quickly pins him for the win.

Winner: ACH

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander vs. SCUM (Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino)

Coleman and Alexander charge the ring and immediately attack SCUM. Alexander attacks Corino on the outside, and Coleman attacks Jacobs in the ring. Alexander heads into the ring and he and Coleman double team Jacobs. Corino comes in and they double team him. They tag in and out several minutes, working on Corino. Eventually Jacobs comes in and gets hit with a Spinebuster. Coleman keeps the offense up, but Corino attacks him from behind. Corino comes in and punches Coleman in the face. Jacobs comes in and they hit him with a double elbow. He chokes Coleman on the middle rope, and then kicks his midsection. Corino comes in and they hit the sick and twisted neckbreaker.

Corino keeps the offense up and slaps Coleman. Coleman fights back and gets the tag to Alexander. He cleans house on Jacobs and Corino, and kicks Jacobs in the head. Coleman comes in and hits an STO on Corino. He charges Jacobs, but runs into an elbow. Coleman hits three northern lights suplexes on Corino. Alexander comes in and SCUM takes control. They hit several big moves, and Jacobs goes up top. He goes for a lariat, but Coleman catches him with a full nelson slam. They go for Overtime but Corino comes in with a chain and hits C and C with it. SCUM hits a spike piledriver on Alexander for the win.

Winner: SCUM

BJ Whitmer vs. Charlie Haas- No Holds Barred Match

They immediately attack each other, and Whitmer slams Haas into the barrier multiple times. He hits him with several strikes, and then slams Haas into the barrier again. He rolls Haas into the ring and clears a wooden table off. He then grabs several weapons from under the ring and throws them into the ring.

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