WWE RAW Results - The Undertaker And WWE Legends Return, HHH Challenges Lesnar, More

- After the match, Flair gets in the ring with Miz to celebrate. They elbow drop an invisible jacket before we get replays.

- Still to come, tonight's Fatal 4 Way main event. Up next is the point-counterpoint with The Rock and John Cena. Back to commercial.

- Back from the break and out comes WWE Champion The Rock. Rock takes the mic and says he needs us to understand something. Rock says he just came in from Panama, where it's 95 degrees every single day. Rock says he was excited about coming to RAW and tells about when he told a woman at the airport he didn't need a jacket for cold Buffalo, because of electricity running through him. Rock says he stepped out of the plane onto Buffalo and it was so cold he had ice sickles forming on The People's Nipples. Rock says the cold air on his face meant one thing, after 10 long years... Finally, The Rock has come back to Buffalo.

John Cena's music hits and out he comes. Cena says he's been waiting on this moment for a year and Rock doesn't even know why. He can't know why because he's Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The man who conquered WWE during the Attitude Era, conquered Hollywood and came back to conquer WWE again. Cena says Rock doesn't fail at anything in life so he doesn't know what it feels like. Cena said he needed to win that match last year but he failed. Cena says that makes him feel worthless. A loud "Cena sucks" chant breaks out. Cena says it makes you feel weak and like you want to crawl in a hole and go away. Cena says that moment he lost to The Rock sent his life into a tailspin. Professionally and personally, Cena says.

Cena says Rock was responsible for his collapse but will be responsible for his turnaround. Cena points out Rock won the WWE Title on the same night he won the Rumble. Cena says he has a chance to re-write history. Cena gives Rock a 34-day heads up and says he is not throwing this chance away. Rock takes a second but says that fire and that desire... he's happy to see that out of Cena. Rock says that's the man who said he would beat CM Punk last week and he did. Rock says there was only one man he wanted to face at WrestleMania - Cena. Rock says he knows what the title and the match means to Cena. Rock says nobody in WWE has the passion and the drive, the will to win, that Cena has... except... The Rock. Rock says as much as it matters to Cena, it matters more to him. Cena quotes Mike Tyson and says in order to be the best that ever lived, you have to beat everyone living. Cena says he has jumped over every roadblock in his career except The Rock. Cena says The Rock's time is up at WrestleMania and his time is now. Rock says that's not right. Rock says his time is just getting started. Rock quotes a famous athlete and says winning is about heart, you just have to have it in the right place. Rock says that famous athlete was Lance Armstrong, he was full of crap and so is Cena. The crowd chants for Rock. Cena talks about Rock's confidence. Cena says history won't repeat itself in 34 days, he will make history. Cena says he will become the WWE Champion in 34 days and is met with a mixed reaction. Rock says Cena just crystallized everything that is The Rock and John Cena. Rock says Cena thinks he can beat Rock but Rock knows he can beat Cena. That's the difference between them. Rock says he will beat Cena in front of the world, again, at WrestleMania 29. Rock does a very serious "if you smell..." and has a staredown with Cena as his music plays. The camera shows the WrestleMania 29 banner in the background.

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