- Damien Sandow continues to remind us about the call-out from Team Rhodes Scholars to the New Age Outlaws for the upcoming Raw. His personal scribe, Ignatius, comments on the matter via Twitter, "Mr. Sandow has given the New Age Outlaws till noon tomorrow to back out of the challenge made for RAW. Sincerely, Ignatius #taketheout"

- Jim Ross commented on his latest blog about when he first met Paul Bearer.

"I met Percy ... while he worked in Dallas for WCCW and the Von Erich's in the wrestling office in Dallas and while managing a variety of villain wrestlers. Our mutual friend Dennis Brent introduced us as Percy also did some work with Dennis to help make ends meet. This was in the early 80's."

- Evan Bourne posted a pic of when he first met Paul Bearer as a child. He states, "The first WWE superstar I ever met, a true legend and inspiration. Thank you Paul Bearer!"

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