WWE NXT Recap: Oliver Grey Taken Out, New Number One Contender Crowned, More

Winner: Leo Kruger

After the match, he locks the same submission on Yoshi and Justin Gabriel runs out for the save. He dropkicks Kruger out of the ring.

Sasha Banks, Naomi and Cameron vs. Audrey Marie, Aksana and Alicia Fox

Fox and Banks start things off. Banks kicks Fox in the head, followed by a hurricanrana. She then hits a standing dropkick, and Aksana tags herself in. Banks drop kicks Aksana, and then tags in Cameron. She flips Aksana over her shoulder and then dances around. Aksana elbows her in the face, and then slams her head to the mat. Aksana whips Cameron into the corner and crawls to her. Cameron kicks her in the face and then lands a crossbody. She tries to tag Naomi in, but Aksana stops her.

She drags Cameron back to her corner and Fox comes in. She keeps the attack up for several moments. Marie comes in and locks in a body scissors. Cameron fights out and tries to get to her corner, but Marie stops her. They reverse moves back and forth, and then Cameron finally tags in Naomi. She clears house and hits Marie with a standing dropkick and a pin attempt. Aksana breaks it up, and Naomi nails her with an enziguri. Naomi then hits a corkscrew kick on Marie for the win.

Winners: Sasha Banks, Cameron and Naomi

Then, Bo Dallas is interviewed backstage. He talks about his feelings on being given the opportunity to become the number one contender, and talks about his mini feud with Wade Barrett. Bray Wyatt eventually walks up and says he saw how The Shield laid him out, kind of like he did. He said if Dallas had not refused the Wyatt Family, they could have protected him, no luck necessary. Dallas tells Wyatt to stay away from him, and walks off. Wyatt says he is a foolish young man.

A video is then shown talking about how next week Alberto Del Rio will be on NXT. Then, Summer Rae is shown backstage with Rene Young. Summer tells her to refer to her as the first lady of NXT, Summer Rae. She tells Young to reintroduce her, and Young asks if she is serious. Summer asks if she saw how she took Paige out. Summer says anytime she appears on set, or chooses to speak to Young in public, to refer to her as the first lady of NXT. She says is she doesn't, that she will do to her what she did to Paige.

A Shield promo video then interrupts. Ambrose says everyone can feel safe again, because when The Shield is shown injustice is righted. Rollins says there is still a lot of injustice to take care of on NXT. He talks about Conor O'Brian, Corey Graves and Bo Dallas. Ambrose says they are always watching. He says they can show up anywhere and anytime to serve up justice. He says things are getting better because of them. Reigns says they're just a pack of dogs looking to fight. He says there are no boundaries. He says they will fight anyone, anytime. Rollins says mark his words, they haven't forgotten about NXT. Rollins says eventually they will take back the NXT title. They then all say believe in The Shield.

Corey Graves vs. Conor O'Brian vs. Bo Dallas- NXT Title Number One Contender Triple Threat Match

Dallas attack Conor and Graves, but Graves nails a shoulder knockdown. Graves stomps Dallas, and then Conor punches Graves multiple times. Dallas punches Conor multiple times, and then Graves and Dallas whip Conor to the ropes. Graves knees Dallas in the head, followed by a headlock as it goes to commercial. Back from commercial, and Dallas hits Graves out of the ring. They fight on the outside briefly, and Dallas sends Graves into the ring. Conor hits Dallas with a big lariat, and then heads into the ring. Conor goes up top and shoulder blocks Graves. Dallas comes into the ring and Conor whips him into the corner. He then whips Graves into a different corner.

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