WWE NXT Recap: Oliver Grey Taken Out, New Number One Contender Crowned, More

Conor shoves his boot into Dallas' face, and then puts Graves' head between his knees and twists his body. He does the same thing to Dallas, and then tosses Dallas into Graves. He knees Graves in the head, and then in the gut. Conor charges Graves, and runs into his boot. Dallas and Graves then both start punching Conor, and then double Suplex him. Graves then attacks Dallas, but Dallas reverses with a back Suplex. Dallas then punches Conor in the corner, and then punches Graves in another corner. Bray Wyatt comes out to the ramp, and as Dallas looks at him Graves pushes him off the turnbuckle. Back from commercial and Graves is kicking Conor in the corner. He gourdbusters Dallas, and then drives his knee into Conor's throat. He then locks in a single leg Boston crab on Dallas. Conor breaks it up, and Graves punches him in the corner. He elbows Dallas, and tosses him to the apron. Dallas punches Graves and goes up top, but Graves crotches him. Graves tries to Superplex Dallas, but Conor puts Graves on his shoulders and then slams him to the mat. Dallas then hits Conor with a dropkick from up top.

Dallas hits a drop toe hold on Conor, and then a bull dog on Graves. He goes for a pin on Graves, but Conor breaks it up. Wyatt then comes down to ringside as Dallas slams Conor to the mat. Graves kicks Conor out of the ring, and then locks in the 13th Step on Dallas. Conor breaks it up and locks in an arm submission on Graves, which Dallas breaks up. Dallas clotheslines Graves several times, and then takes out Graves' knees. He then dropkicks Conor out of the ring. He tries for a Suplex on Graves, but Graves reverses. Graves charges Dallas, but Dallas hits a belly to belly Suplex. He tries to pin Graves, but Wyatt pulls Graves out of the ring. Dallas starts yelling at Wyatt, and Conor hits him with a full nelson slam from behind for the win.

Winner and number one contender: Conor O'Brian

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