NXT this week opens with Commissioner Dusty Rhodes coming out to the ramp. He says that Bo Dallas, Corey Graves and Conor O'Brian will be fighting in a Triple Threat for the number one contendership to Big E. Langston's title after what happened last week.

He says that he will beef up security to ensure that the match doesn't get interrupted again. He says NXT doesn't belong to The Shield. He says he paid for the security out of his own pocket, and not to come into his house because he will be waiting.

Then, Judas Devlin and Scott Dawson are in the ring. Adrian Neville comes out to the ring alone and they announce like it's going to be a tag team match. Neville picks up the mic, and he says he doesn't know where Oliver Grey is. He says they arrived at the arena and warmed up, and then he just disappeared.

He says it's uncharacteristic of Oliver, but since it's not fair to the team they were supposed to face, he will take on both of them himself.

Judas Devlin and Scott Dawson vs. Adrian Neville

Dawson and Neville tie up, and Neville flips Dawson over. Neville hits an arm drag takedown, but Dawson backs him into the corner. Devlin comes in, and punches Neville in the gut. Neville fights out and hits a standing dropkick, but Dawson comes in. Devlin and Dawson hit Neville with a double elbow, and then Dawson kicks Neville in the head.

Devlin comes in and locks in a headlock. The Wyatt Family drag Oliver Grey out onto the ramp, and Bray Wyatt tosses the Grey's title belt onto him. Neville fights to his feet, and tries to go to the ropes to get to Grey, but Devlin hits a quick roll up attempt. Neville kicks out and clotheslines Devlin. He gets out of the ring to go to Grey, but Dawson punches him and rolls him back into the ring.

Dawson comes into the ring, and puts Neville on the top rope. He goes for a superplex, but Neville punches him off. Devlin tries to attack, but Grey kicks him, and then hits the corkscrew shooting star press on Dawson for the win.

Winner: Adrian Neville

Neville immediately runs up the ramp and calls for help as several refs run out to help Grey.

Things go back stage and Rene Young is talking with Kassius Ohno. He says his subconscious has been infected with William Regal. He says he is sick of William Regal being judgmental. He says he tried to send a message to him with what he did to Richie Steamboat, but it didn't work. He says that next week he is going to wrestle Derrick Bateman, and he is going to tear him apart. He says it will be Regal's fault.

Then, a promo video featuring Conor O'Brian is shown. He says last week Dallas and Graves were lucky. He says tonight there will be no Shield. He says he will become the number one contender, and that they will fall and he will rise.

Then, a promo video for Corey Graves is shown. He says he had the number one contendership in his fingertips until The Shield interfered. He said that Conor and Dallas were the lucky ones. He says Conor is lucky he didn't end his career. He says he is going to put Dallas down, and he is going to stay down.

Yoshi Tatsu vs. Leo Kruger

They tie up and Kruger backs Yoshi into the corner. The ref splits them up, and Kruger locks in a side headlock. Yoshi breaks out and hits an inverted atomic drop. Kruger fights back and rams Yoshi into the turnbuckle two times, and then goes to work on his shoulder for several minutes. Kruger than hits a huge lariat, and locks a submission on Yoshi's arm and he taps almost immediately.

Winner: Leo Kruger

After the match, he locks the same submission on Yoshi and Justin Gabriel runs out for the save. He dropkicks Kruger out of the ring.

Sasha Banks, Naomi and Cameron vs. Audrey Marie, Aksana and Alicia Fox

Fox and Banks start things off. Banks kicks Fox in the head, followed by a hurricanrana. She then hits a standing dropkick, and Aksana tags herself in. Banks drop kicks Aksana, and then tags in Cameron. She flips Aksana over her shoulder and then dances around. Aksana elbows her in the face, and then slams her head to the mat. Aksana whips Cameron into the corner and crawls to her. Cameron kicks her in the face and then lands a crossbody. She tries to tag Naomi in, but Aksana stops her.

She drags Cameron back to her corner and Fox comes in. She keeps the attack up for several moments. Marie comes in and locks in a body scissors. Cameron fights out and tries to get to her corner, but Marie stops her. They reverse moves back and forth, and then Cameron finally tags in Naomi. She clears house and hits Marie with a standing dropkick and a pin attempt. Aksana breaks it up, and Naomi nails her with an enziguri. Naomi then hits a corkscrew kick on Marie for the win.

Winners: Sasha Banks, Cameron and Naomi

Then, Bo Dallas is interviewed backstage. He talks about his feelings on being given the opportunity to become the number one contender, and talks about his mini feud with Wade Barrett. Bray Wyatt eventually walks up and says he saw how The Shield laid him out, kind of like he did. He said if Dallas had not refused the Wyatt Family, they could have protected him, no luck necessary. Dallas tells Wyatt to stay away from him, and walks off. Wyatt says he is a foolish young man.

A video is then shown talking about how next week Alberto Del Rio will be on NXT. Then, Summer Rae is shown backstage with Rene Young. Summer tells her to refer to her as the first lady of NXT, Summer Rae. She tells Young to reintroduce her, and Young asks if she is serious. Summer asks if she saw how she took Paige out. Summer says anytime she appears on set, or chooses to speak to Young in public, to refer to her as the first lady of NXT. She says is she doesn't, that she will do to her what she did to Paige.

A Shield promo video then interrupts. Ambrose says everyone can feel safe again, because when The Shield is shown injustice is righted. Rollins says there is still a lot of injustice to take care of on NXT. He talks about Conor O'Brian, Corey Graves and Bo Dallas. Ambrose says they are always watching. He says they can show up anywhere and anytime to serve up justice. He says things are getting better because of them. Reigns says they're just a pack of dogs looking to fight. He says there are no boundaries. He says they will fight anyone, anytime. Rollins says mark his words, they haven't forgotten about NXT. Rollins says eventually they will take back the NXT title. They then all say believe in The Shield.

Corey Graves vs. Conor O'Brian vs. Bo Dallas- NXT Title Number One Contender Triple Threat Match

Dallas attack Conor and Graves, but Graves nails a shoulder knockdown. Graves stomps Dallas, and then Conor punches Graves multiple times. Dallas punches Conor multiple times, and then Graves and Dallas whip Conor to the ropes. Graves knees Dallas in the head, followed by a headlock as it goes to commercial. Back from commercial, and Dallas hits Graves out of the ring. They fight on the outside briefly, and Dallas sends Graves into the ring. Conor hits Dallas with a big lariat, and then heads into the ring. Conor goes up top and shoulder blocks Graves. Dallas comes into the ring and Conor whips him into the corner. He then whips Graves into a different corner.

Conor shoves his boot into Dallas' face, and then puts Graves' head between his knees and twists his body. He does the same thing to Dallas, and then tosses Dallas into Graves. He knees Graves in the head, and then in the gut. Conor charges Graves, and runs into his boot. Dallas and Graves then both start punching Conor, and then double Suplex him. Graves then attacks Dallas, but Dallas reverses with a back Suplex. Dallas then punches Conor in the corner, and then punches Graves in another corner. Bray Wyatt comes out to the ramp, and as Dallas looks at him Graves pushes him off the turnbuckle. Back from commercial and Graves is kicking Conor in the corner. He gourdbusters Dallas, and then drives his knee into Conor's throat. He then locks in a single leg Boston crab on Dallas. Conor breaks it up, and Graves punches him in the corner. He elbows Dallas, and tosses him to the apron. Dallas punches Graves and goes up top, but Graves crotches him. Graves tries to Superplex Dallas, but Conor puts Graves on his shoulders and then slams him to the mat. Dallas then hits Conor with a dropkick from up top.

Dallas hits a drop toe hold on Conor, and then a bull dog on Graves. He goes for a pin on Graves, but Conor breaks it up. Wyatt then comes down to ringside as Dallas slams Conor to the mat. Graves kicks Conor out of the ring, and then locks in the 13th Step on Dallas. Conor breaks it up and locks in an arm submission on Graves, which Dallas breaks up. Dallas clotheslines Graves several times, and then takes out Graves' knees. He then dropkicks Conor out of the ring. He tries for a Suplex on Graves, but Graves reverses. Graves charges Dallas, but Dallas hits a belly to belly Suplex. He tries to pin Graves, but Wyatt pulls Graves out of the ring. Dallas starts yelling at Wyatt, and Conor hits him with a full nelson slam from behind for the win.

Winner and number one contender: Conor O'Brian

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