Impact Wrestling Results: Final Lockdown Hype, V.P.'s Identity Revealed, Fan Incident & More

- We see a video package of the series of events involving Wes Briscoe, Garett Bischoff, and Kurt Angle.

- We go to the ring as Wes Briscoe comes to the ring. Mike Tenay asks what this is about as we were waiting for Kurt to come out. Taz says maybe he got cold feet or he tripped and hurt his neck. Briscoe says he has something to get off his chest. He says his dad and uncle were two of the greatest and they said Kurt Angle was one of the best they had ever seen. Wes gets the "WHAT" treatment and he says after Sunday the world will know that a Briscoe is better than an Angle.

Angle comes out with the mask in–hand and responds on his way down the ramp. He has on a "Save Wrestling 2020" shirt on. Angle says that before he reveals the V.P. he is going whip Wes' a** right now. Angle charges the ring and mounts Wes with some ground-and-pound. The action goes to the floor and D-Lo Brown and Al Snow come out to break it up. We can see Kurt yelling at Al saying, "It's him!" D-Lo hits a low-blow to Angle he glares at the camera. D-Lo grabs a mic and says he wanted to come down and reclaim club property, the mask. He says he will spoil it for Angle, D-Lo announces himself as the V.P. of Aces & 8's.

- D-Lo is handed his leather jacket in the back and he says he will never take it off again. D-Lo tells Devon to go out there and take care of business. With his brothers behind him, D-Lo cuts a passionate promo into the camera. He ends with, "nWo 4 Lif… I mean he says, "Aces & 8's forever."

- Devon comes to the ring followed by Sting.

Sting vs. Devon

This is the first of three matches tonight to determine the first man-in advantage in Lethal Lockdown. Devon attacks Sting from behind and hits a spear to take control. Devon hits a neckbreaker for 2. Sting builds a flurry a clotheslines Devon over the top and goes out to throw him around at ringside. A fan at ringside in a black toboggan and a red-and-black lumberjack shirt grabs Sting from behind and throws a red beverage square in his face. Referee Earl Hebner calls for help and the fan is removed from behind by security. This came across as a work at first considering the opponent and the sheer balls it would take for a fan to do such a thing but it appears as if it was a shoot. Devon hits a big boot in the ring to Sting's face and gets the win.

Winner by pin: Devon

- The Gut Check contestants await their fate as we go to break.

- Gail Kim interrupts a Velvet Sky interview in the back and Velvet slaps her in the face and walks away.

- We go to footage of the Gut Check deliberation from last week. Al Snow and Bruce Prichard replace Taz with Danny Davis.

- Back to live TV in the back as Bruce Prichard, with Snow and Davis, talks to the two women hopefuls and he chooses Lei'D Tapa to move forward.

Chavo & Hernandez and Velvet Sky vs. Daniels & Kazarian and Gail Kim

The men mix it up for a while; Gail Kim grabs Chavo's foot from the floor to give Daniels the advantage. Velvet does the same to Daniels. Kaz hits a cheap shot clothesline to Chavo and Daniels regains offense. Chavo gets double teamed some more and he is kept from his corner. Daniels and Kazarian continue to make quick tags. Chavo makes the tag to Velvet as Daniels tags Gail Kim.

Velvet hits a head scissors and a spear to Kim but Daniels breaks the count and Velvet slaps him. Hernandez tackles Daniels but Kaz comes off the top with a missile dropkick to Hernandez. Chavo and Kaz mix it up on the floor; Chavo moves and Daniels hits a moonsault on his own partner. Hernandez dives onto both men. Gail Kim hits Eat DeFeet in the ring on Velvet for the win.

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