Impact Wrestling Results: Final Lockdown Hype, V.P.'s Identity Revealed, Fan Incident & More

Winners by pin: Daniels & Kazarian and Gail Kim

- Sting goes-off in the back as he beats a chair with a bat. His face is dripping with blood and his head is busted open. I guess it wasn't a red drink thrown in his face; Devon busted him open when he sent him into the post after the drink incident like Brock Lesnar. For the record, they showed the fan incident in a replay preceding this segment so maybe it was a work. Samoa Joe and Magnus argue about trust.

- Back from a break as we go to more footage from the home of AJ Styles. The camera crew approaches AJ's motorcycle outside in a parking lot. AJ grabs one guy by the collar and tells him to leave. AJ then pie-faces the camera.

- Garett Bischoff and DOC make their entrance followed by Joe and Magnus. This is the 2nd of the 3 Lethal Lockdown determiners tonight. Aces & 8's is up 1-0.

Aces & 8's vs. Samoa Joe & Magnus

The crowd is all over Garett as Joe takes it to him. Joe tags in Magnus and they have some words. Garett escapes to the floor and DOC attacks Magnus from behind to give Garett control in the ring. "You can't wrestle" chants from the crowd for Garett. DOC comes in to take over on Magnus.

We see a Tweet from AJ Styles saying he will be at Impact next week in Chicago.

Samoa Joe tags in and takes care of both opponents. Things break down with all four men in the ring. Joe hits the Enzuigiri in the corner to DOC and Magnus comes off the top with the most beautiful elbow off the top I've ever seen from a big man for the win.

Winner by pin: Magnus & Samoa Joe

Joe and Magnus slap hands and celebrate in the ring.

I just became a Magnus fan. Magnus vs. Matt Morgan is going to be the big money match soon.

- X-Division Champion Kenny King cuts a promo in the back. He puts himself over and says he will take on all comers.

- Eric Young catches-up with ODB in the back with James Storm. Sting, his blood now dry on his face, approaches. Eric Young cuts a fiery promo and wants Sting to chose him in the final match. He says there is no punch line. Sting chooses James Storm and says Storm is the wild card.

- We to the ring as JB is joined by the Gut Check judges. Lei'D Tapa is introduced. Lei'D Tapa tries to cut a promo as the crowd drowns her out with "NO!" Tapa's promo skills need work and don't match her ominous appearance. Danny Davis says yes. Bruce Prichard grabs the mic and says Paul Bearer will be missed and he loves him. The crowd chants, "Rest in peace." Bruce says no. JB gives Tapa 30 seconds to convince Al Snow. She says she might have lost last week but she knows what she can bring to the Knockouts Division. The crowd is relentless. Al Snow says, "We'll miss you Uncle Paul." Snow says Tapa clearly gets a reaction from the crowd and says yes. Tapa shakes hands with the judges.

- Robbie E cuts a promo on Robbie T in the back. They face-off this Sunday.

- Mr. Anderson is introduced to the ring followed by James Storm.

James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

Storm takes control early with a violent hiptoss after some back-and-forth. Anderson gets the upper-hand and he starts to slowly take the Cowboy apart. They trade shots in the center and Storm starts to build momentum. Storm hits a bulldog and a neckbreaker followed by Closing Time. Aces & 8's makes their way to ringside. Team TNA comes down the ramp. Anderson hits the Mic Check in the ring for the win.

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