Source: ESPN

TNA wrestlers Christopher Daniels recently sat down with ESPN to discuss TNA, and his wrestling career in general. Here are some highlights from the interview.

The difference between TNA now and when it was started 10 years ago: "I think that with of all the hard work of guys like AJ Styles and James Storm and Bobby Roode, we've really opened up the eyes of wrestling fans to where it became conceivable that guys like Kurt Angle and Christian Cage and the Dudley Boyz and Hulk Hogan could come to TNA and make it a better product. If it wasn't for the work of the originals, guys that left WWE wouldn't have come to TNA; they would've just went on to do their own thing. But because those guys saw the spirit of the homegrown talent, they saw that they could help build and grow something that could be an alternative to what WWE is putting out."

The differences between TNA and WWE: "The TNA roster is made up of guys who are hungry and who are looking to make their break on the national scene, who may or may not have had that opportunity in WWE. What I think differentiates us is I feel like we're a little more action-packed. I feel like we have the most talented roster in professional wrestling, and we have guys like Bobby Roode, James Storm, and Kurt Angle, then we have myself and my partner Frankie Kazarian, and I feel like we're the best tag team in the business right now, and to me, TNA puts more of a priority on the in-ring action. I think you'll see a lot more great wrestling in TNA than anywhere else in the world."

Aces and Eights: "I think that the guys in the back, we've got some great guys involved in that group, and it was a great surprise to have Devon come back and be involved with that. It's rejuvenated his career and puts him in the spotlight that he definitely deserves to be in. For the rest of the locker room, I feel like we're playing the whole invasion angle that's always been a very intricate storyline played out through different promotions in the history of professional wrestling. And I feel like the fans are definitely engaged in watching this Aces & Eights group try and run roughshod over TNA. It depends where we go with this over the next couple of months on how this all plays out."

He also discussed singles wrestling, the six-sided ring and Hulk Hogan. You can check out the whole interview here.

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