Kazarian Talks Impact Going On The Road, Impact Zone Memories, Bad Influence, Lockdown

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These people in Orlando have been: "I don't know if they realize how lucky they've been to see the matches and the entertainment they've seen over the last nine years because we've given them some incredible stuff here in Orlando and it's only fair that the rest of the country, and the rest of the world for that matter, get to see what the guys and gals of Impact can do. So, I'm psyched; it's just super cool to be on the road and to be in different cities and to hear the hateful shouts from people in different cities, as opposed to just Orlando. These Orlando folk are getting a little bit stale, I want some new hate. I want to hear some new haters."

If he has a fond memory of the Impact Zone: "All joking aside, I could joke and say 'I can't wait to get out of here' and part of that is true, but this place has been our home for many years and I have a lot of memories; good, bad and indifferent here. I've suffered a couple of bad injuries here, which is some of the bad memories, you know what though, just being here for the first time, walking into the building and wrestling one of the first ever matches in this building; winning numerous X-Division titles and wrestling main events and television main events and just going live for the first time; there's just so many memories, it would be hard to condense it into just one. So, it's a little bit bittersweet; I feel like the fans here to a certain extent have been spoiled but at the same time I know the do appreciate what we do but hopefully they see this as part of TNA's growing process and this is what we have to do; the little bird has to leave the nest. So, the Impact Zone has been great, it's been our home for nine years and it was a really cool wrestling venue. I think when it's all said and done, the Impact Zone will be one of those like ECW Arena-like venues, the intimate venues that was known as a really cool place to see pro wrestling."

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