SmackDown Results - Sheamus Vs. Big Show, The Shield, Randy Orton & More

- Yoshi Tatsu is in the ring as we return. Mark Henry enters and we get the 'back shot' this week as he enters through the curtain. We see his encounter with Ryback earlier.

Mark Henry vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Maddox says Yoshi is his favorite all-time wrestler; again his comic timing is genius. Mark Henry wins in about a 1 minute squash.

Winner by squash: Mark Henry

- Cole sends to the Donald Trump Hall of Fame video.

- Sheamus cuts a not-so-funny promo on The Big Show with Matt Striker. Sheamus can be funny they just make him try too hard with those stories. We go to another break.

- Brad Maddox is off in his own world as we return and Cole and Josh seem genuinely tickled. Cole sends to the Cena-Rock video from Monday.

Kaitlyn vs. Tamina

Layla is at ringside and it seems she is up to something. Cody Rhodes watches from a monitor in the back. Kaitlyn leaps and legit hits her face on the ropes and rolls to the floor. She is OK and Layla tries to get back in the ring with her. Tamina takes advantage of the confusion and drops Kaitlyn in a Samoan Drop for the win.

Winner by pin: Tamina

- Cody looks upset as he looks-on and is joined by Damien Sandow in the back. Cody ignores what he says about the New Age Outlaws and asks what he thinks about Kaitlyn. Sandow says she is obviously from a deficient gene pool and leaves. We go to break.

- A Fandango promo runs.

- Fandango and his dancer enter on the stage and he takes exception to the way Lilian pronounces his name. Lilian fails to please him and he asks if everyone is incompetent. He says he will not compete tonight and blames "Gilian." He leaves with his dancer.

- Booker T is not pleased in the back and tells Teddy Long to tell that "struttin flamingo" that next time he's in a match, he better compete. Teddy tries to get Booker to pronounce it correctly but Booker cuts him off and tells him to go his job.

- The RAW Rebound is shown of the Undertaker's return.

- Sheamus comes to the ring and Maddox says he doesn't trust people that don't go out in the sun. We go to break.

- Back to another video from Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger. Zeb talks about people accepting some not speaking English. Swagger chimes in. Zeb challenges people that if you want to earn a living in this country, you should be required to speak English.

- The Big Show makes his entrance as we see the footage of Show KO'ing Roman Reigns and then getting the Brogue Kick from last week.

Sheamus vs. The Big Show

The bell rings at 10 mins left in the show as Show takes it to Sheamus wth shots and ends with a spear that takes Sheamus to the floor. Big Show goes out and sends Sheamus into the time keeper's area as we go to another break.

We're back to action and Show is still in control in the ring. Big Show hits a side slam but Sheamus kicks out at 2. Show unloads with chops in the corner. Maddox says Show shares his hatred of pale people and is trying to tan him up a bit.

Sheamus comes back with a flurry but he can't keep Show down. Sheamus takes the giant down with a double axe and goes up top but Show catches him into a chokesla but Sheamus counters into a DDT for a 2. Sheamus ducks a KO and picks Show up in White Noise and hits it. That was impressive. Show ducks the Brogue Kick to the floor. Sheamus hits the Kick to Show on the apron on the way back in and knocks the giant out on the floor.

The Shield's music hits and they surround the ring as Maddox calls for Show to get up. Randy Orton runs down to back-up Sheamus and they brawl. The Shield take over; Big Show comes to and cleans house with Orton and Sheamus. The Shield retreat. Show hits the KO to Sheamus in the ring and Orton hits the RKO to Show. Orton stands tall in the ring as he stares down The Shield in the crowd as we go off the air.

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