Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap.

- We open this morning with an ominous video package for the selection of General Manager of the show. It's very well done and makes this whole thing seem like a really big deal.

- We go backstage with Teddy Long and Natalya. Teddy tells her that he and Booker T are very pleased with her as an interviewer on the show. Natalya she wants to run things and Teddy tells her that she is being considered. AJ interrupts and says she used to run RAW. Teddy says they can settle their differences in the ring this morning.

- We go to the ring as AJ makes her entrance and Josh Mathews and Dolph Ziggler on commentary welcome us to the show. Natalya is out next.

AJ Lee vs. Natalya

AJ and Natalya have some light-hearted back and forth. AJ hits the mat for Natalya to jump over her but Natalya lies down next to her and we get several shots of Dolph and Josh.

Instant Reaction: That would mean that two girls lying face-down next to each other in the context of a wrestling match is too risque for the Saturday morning crowd. Natalya has apparently solved the wardrobe problem from her appearances from weeks prior as she has an extra piece of fabric across her top, covering her chest better. However, Kevin Dunn should also change the way he has his camera people shoot the show so they don't have to cut to the announcers every week in post production or they are going to have to figure out a better way of booking the matches.

AJ does a head scissors takedown and rolls Natalya up for 2. AJ skips around Natalya but Natalya catches her with a shoulder block. AJ recovers and works Natalya over on the mat. AJ does a bridge like Dolph and Ziggler comments that he taught her that. Natalya comes back and looks for the Sharpshooter but AJ blocks. Natalya rolls her up a couple of times but AJ keeps kicking out. AJ hits an off-camera double boot out of the corner and goes up top for a crossbody. Natalya rolls-through and pins AJ.

Winner by pin: Natalya

Ziggler leaves commentary to console AJ in the ring.

- We see clips of previous WWE "Head Honchos" in storylines: Roddy Piper, Stone Cold, Stephanie, Mick Foley, and HBK. No sign or mention of Jack Tunney or Ric Flair; or Sgt. Slaughter or Gorilla Monsoon. I think they pretty much covered the rest. Although there are the better-forgotten ones like Mike Adamle.

- We see a video package for Daniel Bryan, "The Dazzler" and he gives and interview in the back. Bryan says he wants to be the GM because the authority figure on this show must be even-tempered and intelligent. He licks his hand and slicks back his hair and strokes his beard and adds, "well groomed." He says his decisions will always be 'YES!' or 'NO!', never 'maybe.' Wade Barrett interrupts with a 'yes', 'no', and 'maybe' question each bascially saying he will beat Bryan later. Bryan says, "That guy needs a hug."

- Wade Barret makes his entrance as we see that Kane has joined Josh on commentary. Kane says Bryan begged him to be out here. Daniel Bryan makes his entrance as we go to break.

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett scoop slams Bryan off the bat. Kane says if he was GM he would change the color scheme to red and black and have an inferno match. That is actually hilarious given the show and per my earlier rant. Josh says he doesn't think we'll see that. Bryan comes back and works the arm of Barrett. Bryan hits a nice dropkick and Barrett goes out to regroup. Kane gets up from is seat and Wade prefers to go back in the ring instead. Kane says Daniel has validation issues. Barrett hits a side slam off-camera as we go to break.

- Cody Rhodes, along with his mustache and perfectly plucked eyebrows, brings us this week's PSA to not try this at home. He says that even though he is "groomed for greatness," it took years of practice and hard work to get where he is and the danger is real. He mentions his shoulder injury and concussion. I was worried at first but in the end he came off serious and sincere.

- Barrett hits a backbreaker across his knee as we return to action. I must say it is odd to hear Kane's soft, "normal" voice on commentary. Bryan comes back with a dropkick in the corner but Barrett kicks out. Barrett goes for a pump handle slam but Bryan counters with a crucifix and pins him.

Winner by pin: Daniel "The Dazzler" Bryan

Bryan jumps on a seated Kane and hugs him at ringside as he screams, "YES!" Bryan seeks approval like a child as he stands on the announce table as Kane validates him and tells him he did good.

- We see the GM graphic with all the Superstars and Josh says that he just got breaking news that a decision has been made and the GM for the show will be announced next week.

- The "Battle for Boss" promo runs and we are encouraged to tune in next week to see who will "forever rule the Saturday Morning Slam Universe."

Final Thoughts: WWE really has a chance to carve out an interesting niche for this show and they started out with decent "kid" segments early-on but they have gotten lazy in the past months. I can remember being a kid watching the original Superstars. It was the flagship show for the most part if you don't count Prime Time Wrestling. My point is that I try to put myself in a kid's shoes when I watch this show and I see it's potential given the right format. It needs to be more exclusive and dymanic, maybe even interactive like Livewire used to be. I like the idea of a GM. It's a step in the right direction but we will have to see where it goes.

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