Bully Ray sat down with Brandon Baxter for his radio show to discuss his title match against World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy at Lockdown, tag team wrestling, Hulk Hogan and more. Here are some highlights from the interview.

What challenging for the TNA World Heavyweight Title means to him: "I never thought in my 22 years of wrestling that I'd come across something new and something special in my career. After being a 23 time world tag team champion, and being everywhere and doing it all, this is something brand new and I'm really looking forward to it. I'm getting one shot at this, one shot at the World Heavyweight Title, and I have to capitalize on it. If you're gong to be a world champion in pro wrestling today, then you want to be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion because I do believe that TNA represents the best pro wrestlers in the world today."

The evolution of his character: "You always have to evolve, and the evolution of Bubba Ray to Bully Ray, it's been more of a physical evolution. As far as persona is concerned, I've been the same guy since day one."

Tag team wrestling vs. singles wrestling: "Well, I'm enjoying the singles run a lot more than I ever thought I would. When I first got into pro wrestling, I did not want to be a singles wrestler. I knew I wanted to start a tag team. I knew I wanted to be part of a successful tag team. That was my goal when I first embarked in this business, and I'm proud to say I achieved that. We [Bully and Devon] achieved that. I thought I'd probably retire as a tag team wrestler, but the past two years: new challenge, and I'm actually enjoying it. I'm not enjoying getting jumped every night by the Aces and Eights [laughter], and getting laid out, but I'll deal with them when I get time."

He also discusses what tag teams he idolized, Lockdown and more. You can listen to the whole interview above.

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