Hulk Hogan Responds To Bret Hart, Talks TNA And WCW Similarities, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy Changes

What he thinks of CM Punk: "I think he's done a great job. I think he was handed the football and he had to run with it. Going back to how powerful TV is, WWE's TV is very powerful. Whether you can grab the football and run, or whether you can grab the football and Vince McMahon has to kick you in the butt as you're running, as long as you get the job done the TV will make you a huge star. It's a very powerful vehicle and he's been put in a position where he had to deliver, and I think he's done a really great job. Rock coming back and wrestling CM Punk, you never know. If you're going with the flow and you're really listening to the crowd, it's going to get to a point where the crowd loves the Rock, and they know that when he says he's coming home they know it only means for a day or two because he's got huge obligations in Hollywood. So I think the fans, there's going to be a point kind of like the NWO. I was the bad guy, and they started cheering me. The Rock was kind of like the good guy when I wrestled him and they kind of booed him a lot. So, I think there's going to be a point when the fans realize that Punk's there every day for them, and the Rock just comes in and out. So, if you were to go with the flow, there'd be a great opportunity to turn the Rock heel."

He also discusses British wrestling and Austin Aries. You can watch the first part of the interview above (at about the 12:46 mark), and the second part of the interview here (at the 13:00 minute mark).

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