Editorial: A Look At CM Punk And The Undertaker, Should Punk Win?

Just because it is likely that the Undertaker WILL win, it does not necessarily mean that he SHOULD win. The WWE has struck a goldmine with the Undertakers streak, but as his career winds down, the pressing issue of the streak and its demise continues to come into play. If the Undertaker is as true of a professional as he is portrayed, surely he will put over someone in his final match, right? Of course, that then raises the question of how will the streak being broken impact the Undertaker's legacy looking down the road? It's an interesting debate.

So the big question for this year's Wrestlemania is if it is going to be Undertaker's last. If I had to guess, I would say no, just because I believe that the Undertaker's last match will be advertised beforehand as being his final match in order to generate more revenue from the event. This means that this will not be Undertaker's last Wrestlemania, which means that the WWE is probably hoping to get at least one more year out of the streak after this year.

In the long run, I don't see a loss to Undertaker as being a huge determent for CM Punk. By losing to the Undertaker he joins a list containing a host of legends, from Jimmy Snuka to Ric Flair to HBK, and post-mania, he will more than likely get back on the right track. On the contrary, how much would a win over the Undertaker help out CM Punk? Not as much as you may think. Punk has reached the status in the WWE that he can contend for a world title at any moment, at any time. Similar to someone like Randy Orton or Chris Jericho, he has been booked strong enough for long enough that he can always be a credible challenger for the WWE or World Heavyweight Championships at any time, regardless of how many losses they have racked up as of late. Giving Punk the win at the cost of destroying the streak? I just don't see the risk justifying the reward.

All in all, the first shot has been fired by the arrogant Punk and now the spotlight shifts over to the Undertaker this Monday to see how he will respond. The storyline will continue as the WWE inches closer to Wrestlemania 29, and it's safe to say that we will all be watching intently to see the action.

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