Re-Post: WWE RAW Results With Video

- WWE RAW opens up with a tribute video for William "Paul Bearer" Moody.

- We go to the arena and the live crowd cheers for Bearer. The Undertaker's music starts up and his entrance begins. Taker comes out to the stage and makes his way to the ring.

Taker approaches the ring where the urn is sitting in the middle. Taker drops to one knee in front of the urn and pays tribute to Bearer as a graphic shows on the big screen. CM Punk's music hits and out he comes, pissing Taker and Jerry Lawler off. Lawler calls it the most disrespecting thing he's ever seen.

The crowd boos Punk and he tells them to simmer down, speaking from the stage. Punk says they misunderstand why he's out here. Punk says he's out here to extend his heartfelt condolences and apologies for Taker's loss.... at WrestleMania. Punk smirks and the crowd boos. Punk says to Paul Bearer, Taker will always be perfect and 20-0. To everyone else, Taker will be 20-1 in a few weeks. The crowd boos Punk some more. Punk says there won't be any heartfelt tributes to Bearer the night after WrestleMania. There will be a video about him. There's a mixed reaction from the crowd as Punk holds his arms out and Taker stares him down from the ring.

- Cole hypes Big Show vs. Seth Rollins up next. We see Show backstage talking to a crew member before we go to commercial.

- Back from commercial and we see during the commercial, Kane's music hit and he came out to the stage. Kane went to chokeslam Punk off the stage but Punk escaped and ran off.

- The cameras are backstage now as Kane is destroying everything looking for Punk. Kane tosses Alex Riley across the locker room and goes off looking for Punk.

Big Show vs. Seth Rollins

We go to the ring and out comes Big Show first. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins come through the crowd together as Roman Reigns comes through also. Rollins will face off against Show in singles action here.

Show strikes first and takes Rollins to the corners. Show misses a splash and Rollins goes to work but Show just shoves him off. Rollins comes back but keeps getting pushed away. Rollins charges but Show sends him flying out to the floor into Ambrose. Show goes out and sends Reignsinto the barrier. Rollins and Ambrose attack from behind and beat Show down, causing the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Big Show

- After the match, they try to triple team Show on the floor but he fights them off. Show ends up in the ring with Ambrose. Ambrose stomps away on Show but he gets up and drops Ambrose on his face. Show goes to chokeslam Rollins but Reigns spears him. The Shield triple team Big Show and manage to hit the triple powerbomb on him. They stand tall over a fallen Big Show.

- CM Punk interrupts Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero backstage. Punk is upset about Kane trying to attack him. Vickie says Punk disrespected the memory of Paul Bearer and may God have mercy on his soul at WrestleMania. Vickie announces Kane vs. Punk in a No DQ match for tonight. Punk storms off upset.

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