As previously reported, Vince McMahon is unstable concerning the undercard plans for WrestleMania 29. As of now, there is not much buildup at all for these matches, with less than four weeks left before the biggest show of the year.

There are many key singles wrestlers without an official spot for the event (not including the rumored matches of Randy Orton/Sheamus/Big Show vs. The Shield and Ryback vs. Mark Henry).

Some of them include:
* Chris Jericho
* Wade Barrett
* Antonio Cesaro
* Dolph Ziggler
* Miz
* Kofi Kingston
* Sin Cara

Out of the seven stated, two of them hold the midcard championships, Intercontinental and United States. Similar to the other feuds, these are two other angles that should be finely developed before WrestleMania occurs.

So let's analyze how the titles can be placed.

United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro
Antonio Cesaro has really honed his character during his short tenure in the WWE. Him winning the US Championship from Santino Marella was a relief, and babyfaces such as Zack Ryder, R-Truth, and Justin Gabriel have all benefited from Cesaro's title reign.

However, Cesaro has been more on the losing end as of late, even in a random match against Sin Cara on an episode of Main Event. This loss did not produce any further development between the two on Raw.

Out of the possibilities, Sin Cara would be suitable to compete against Cesaro. He has already gained some steam with a victory over Cesaro, and he can defeat him again before WrestleMania to legitimize his spot in the US title picture.

Intercontinental Champion: Wade Barrett
Despite his awesome vignettes leading to his return, Wade Barrett has not been anywhere near stellar upon his return. Even his return was lackluster. Instead of an impressive run-in to start a good feud, his return match was a win against Yoshi Tatsu on Smackdown.

His run as Intercontinental Champion has been rather forgettable. Barrett needs a good opponent at WrestleMania to not only revive his IC title reign, but also to revive himself as a relevant superstar.

This is why the only legitimate choice would be Chris Jericho. The Miz would not be a horrible choice, but it would not be as marquee as Barrett vs. Jericho. Moreover, as Jericho mentioned on Raw, the two have a decent enough back story to build around. Along with Jericho helping Barrett win the first NXT, Jericho's possibility to have a tenth reign as IC Champion would also add some intrigue to the feud. Knowing how Jericho never hesitates to put someone over, Barrett would highly benefit from defeating Jericho at the pay-per-view, regaining a bit of prestige back for the title.

How would you book both midcard champions? Sound off below.

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