Zack Ryder On Why He's So Loved, John Cena Nabs Fitness Magazine Cover (Photo)

- Muscle & Fitness has an interview with Zack Ryder at this link. During the interview, Ryder discussed his desire to become the GM of Saturday Morning Slam. He was also asked about why he's so loved.

"I think because probably from my YouTube show I really let the WWE Universe into my life," Ryder said. "I vented my frustration with the company. I joked around. People saw it and realized, 'Hey, he's one of us. He wants to be at the top, so let's get him there.' Me and my dad were best friends in the show it was kind of a little five - minute reality show every week. When my girlfriend broke up with me, I cried on the show. It was very much, what you see is what you get. I just did it in my living room with a little camera. There was no green screen, no high-end production. And people loved it."

- Speaking of fitness magazines, John Cena will grace the cover of the April edition of Men's Fitness magazine. Thanks to reader Pete Gerber for passing along this cover photo:

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