The Miz On If His World Title Push Was Too Soon, If He'll Be A Part Of 'Mania, Flair Being Hands On

On being on the mic so often and having to be focused: "I always look at myself as I'm a bumbler. My mind works way faster than my mouth does. You might not realize it, a lot of people don't realize it, but I'll be like, 'man, I bumbled that word.' When you're on commentary, I didn't realize how hard it was until I did the 3-hour Raw with Michael Cole and I didn't realize how valuable a commentator Michael Cole is. Let me tell you something, being there, seeing him go play by play and telling the stories, every story that he has to know in and out, and just going and going, its incredible to watch him and be a partner with him. I didn't ask for the job on Main Event. Do you know how I got this job? So, I did that 3-hour Raw, and the next week Main Event was starting. They were like, 'well, the guy that we want to do it won't be there this week, can you try it out?' And I was like, 'sure, no problem.' So, I did it. The next week comes, 'he's still not here, he' still doing a charity event, can you do it again?' 'Sure, no problem.' Did it. The next week Michael Cole goes to me, 'congratulations, you got the job.' And I went, 'what? I didn't realize I was auditioning for the job.'"

On being cheered now despite virtually no character change: "I have Google Alerts; anytime someone talks about me on the internet I get the feed, so I'm always reading up and people saying things. My favorite is this, and people on the internet have been saying this for about a year now, 'Miz needs to change to babyface; he needs to be a good guy; he's the same character as a bad guy; he's saying the same things.' So then I change to a good guy and now guess what they're saying? 'He needs to go back to being a bad guy.' The thing about it is, I've always looked at myself as a good guy. Even when people proclaim me as a villain I've always said, 'you know what? I'm not a bad guy. The reason why I do the things that I do is because I want to win and I know I'm not bigger, I'm probably not as technical as some people, but I will cheat to win. I will do whatever I possibly can do to win,' and now I'm still that same exact person and I'm still cocky and arrogant but now I feel like I'm their cocky and arrogant person. And I'm doing it to people that they hate even more than me, which I didn't even know that could be possible."

On working with Ric Flair: "Ric Flair has been very, very hands on with me since day one. Ric Flair has always been person that I've looked up to, that I've respected in this business. He's done it all. He always takes me aside and says, 'listen, here's an easier way to get into the figure 4, here's a way to make it work better for you,' and the greatest thing about Ric Flair is he still wants me to be me. He doesn't want me to say, 'the Ric Flair Woo, I'm going to Woo. Ric Flair does struts, I'm going to strut.' He's like, 'be your own superstar. This is what worked for me. What is going to work for you as a WWE superstar?' That's something that I've taken and really put out there. I'm going to be The Miz and I'm going to do things the way Miz would do."

On his role in Wrestlemania this year: "I am excited to see Wrestlemania 29 April 7 at MetLife Stadium as well and I'm hoping that I am a valuable part. If they do give me the opportunity to have a match or to have a MizTV or to have anything on that show, I want to be the person that's talked about the next day on Monday Night Raw. Granted, there's huge, huge talent there. You have The Rock versus John Cena for the WWE Championship. Swagger versus Alberto Del Rio, who are amazing talents, going for the World Heavyweight Championship. As of right now, this card is building to be one of the biggest cards you will ever see and it's going to be absolutely incredible and I can't wait to be a part of it and I know I will be a part of it because I'm just too big not be."

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