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- The show begins this week with the opening theme then we go to pyro and span the crowd in Ft. Wayne, In. Michael Cole and The Miz are on commentary and welcome us to the show.

- We go to the stage as Ricardo introduces Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio grabs a mic in the ring in the midst of "Si!" chants. Del Rio cuts a promo on Jack Swagger about everyone across the country being "made in America." He sends to the same parody video we saw last week and again on Monday. Back in the ring Del Rio says it's time to get to business. He says he has a big opponent.

Big Show's music hits and he comes to the ring. The bell rings and here we go...

Alberto Del Rio vs. The Big Show

They lock up and Show tosses Del Rio to the mat. Del Rio hits a kick to the head by the ropes and snaps off a backstabber as Show goes out to get a breather. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter joins us on the ramp as we take a break.

We're back as Zeb and Swagger continue to look-on. Show has taken over in the ring as he works the left arm of Del Rio. Show sends the world champion into the corner and follows but Del Rio gets both boots up and hits a hurricanrana out of the corner. Del Rio goes up top and connects with a seated Senton but Show kicks out with authority. Del Rio continues with a flurry of kicks but Show kicks out again.

Show lifts Del Rio with one arm to avoid the armbreaker but Del Rio hangs on and applies it in the ropes as he hangs upside down on the apron. Show lifts and drops him to the floor in a spot we saw during their recent feud also. Swagger runs to ringside and 'clips' Del Rio knee from behind and as the ref had turned to talk to Big Show in the ring. The ref restarts his count; Ricardo tries to get him back in but he is counted out.

Winner by count out: The Big Show

Swagger and Zeb leave as Del Rio is unable to stay on his feet on his way to the back but has Ricardo at his aid.

- We're back from a commercial as 3MB enters the ring. Drew McIntyre's ribs are heavily bandaged. The Uso brothers make their full entrance.

The Uso's vs. 3MB

Jinder Mahal is not competing again. Slater locks up with Jimmy and plays his air-guitar. The Uso's, looking more alike than ever, hit a double team and get 2. Mahal pulls the ropes down and Uso goes flying to the floor. Slater tags Drew who slams Uso on the apron and sends the Samoan back in. Drew hits a big boot to the head but only gets 2. Slater comes back in and hits measured shots to the face of Uso as he gloats and covers for 2. Slater runs up the ropes, looking for a bulldog, but Uso counters into a side suplex.

Uso makes the hot-tag to his brother and Drew tags in as well. Uso hits a Samoan Drop. Drew crawls to the corner to get himself ready to take the Running Stinkface. Slater breaks the cover and gets kicked in the face to the floor. The Uso's hit a Superfly Splash for the win.

Winners by pin: The Uso's

- The Rock-Cena promo video from Monday is aired.

- We see footage of Brock Lesnar's beating of The New Age Outlaws from RAW. A graphic and Michael Cole inform us that Triple H will respond to Lesnar and Paul Heyman this Monday.

- Wade Barrett saunters toward the ring in the back. It appears the over-coat is back, at least for now.

- A graphic for Mark Henry vs. Ryback for this Friday's SmackDown greets us back from a commercial and Justin Gabriel is in the ring. Wade Barrett makes his entrance as he raises his arms and loses the over-coat. We see footage from RAW of Barrett, Jericho, and Miz.

Wade Barrett vs. Justin Gabriel

Gabriel uses speed to keep Barrett on his back. Barrett makes Justin lose his balance up top and takes over has he slows the pace. Miz says he will win the Intercontinental Title this Monday in the Triple Threat. Gabriel fights back with kicks and takes Barrett back down. Gabriel ducks Barrett and leaps off the 2nd buckle but Wade hits his big elbow to Gabriel's head in mid-air and its looks great. Barrett gets the pin.

Winner by pin: Wade Barrett

Barrett walks up to Miz at ringside and holds up his title belt and walks away.

- We see the red carpet footage from The Call.

- Main Event ends with the footage of CM Punk and the Undertaker from RAW. Michael Cole signs off and asks what Taker's reaction will be to Punk stealing the urn.

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