Hulk Hogan Talks Bobby Roode's Contract Expiring, Brooke's Increased Role, Wanting A Title Shot

Fans not knowing what is really going on backstage and Bobby Roode's contract: "When you're working for a company, sometimes you don't focus on what your contract says. I was here last year, I was working at a PPV and my contract had run out. I didn't know it. Dixie didn't know it. We weren't worried about it. We're here because we love this business and all of a sudden I call my attorney and say, 'Henry, is my contract up?' He goes, 'Yeah, it ran out ten days ago.' I didn't even know it. Dixie didn't know. We weren't worried about that; we were worried about putting on a good show. It's just so weird that 'O my god, Bobby Roode's contract is over', I looked at Twitter today, 'Hogan you're an idiot, afterthought, [email protected]$$.' All these things that are being said to me, I've got nothing to do with that. Here's the deal; Bobby Roode, great talent. I'm sure he wants to be here or he wants to be anywhere and he can make his own deal, but we sure don't want him going anywhere. We love him to death. I was hoping that he'd have the belt on the UK tour just so we'd have a TNA champion over there. It's all weird how everybody tries to tear our business apart. We're all here for the same reason, we love this business and if he doesn't have a contract I bet Booby Roode would wrestle tonight without a contract until we get it straightened out. That's how much he loves it."

TNA's new road schedule and leaving the Impact Zone: "The truth is, all that stuff [about the Impact Zone] was incorrect if I said anything negatively because there were a lot of crowds that came in that weren't wrestling crowds, they were just part of the park. But the weird thing is, all that stuff that was so bad or was a horrible thing, I mean, now that I actually look at it, it was actually a setup to move on to something better or a stepping stone to this company becoming great. That all happened for a reason. We weren't ready to go out on the road a couple of years ago. So thank god for Universal. Now I look at it completely different than maybe what I said before."

Changing the format to 4 PPV's a year: "I think we need to switch gears and yes I do like it. It's just helter skelter. All of a sudden it's like every company has a PPV every month and nothing meant nothing and I think we're just trying to get back to the dance. Not like wrestling used to be, but like how wrestling should be and just make things mean something again. I think for us as a company, for us to keep gaining momentum and not really care about what anybody else does, but like I said, make this from a good little company to a great company. I think we're regrouping in the right places. The TV is our star, the Spike network. A lot of our payoffs, to me, we were throwing the dart at the wrong target. We were worried about a PPV where we should be worried about the TV that's supporting us and build up some major angles and then bang, have them on TV instead of the PPV. Now we can get these major angles on TV and have the bigger, bigger ones for these four PPVs, so I think we're on track with it."

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