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- We begin with footage and stills of Lockdown and Bully Ray's reveal.

- We go to the arena in Chicago, IL and see several crowd shots. Taz, Todd Keneley, and Mike Tenay are at ringside on commentary.

- Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez come to the ring for a TNA Tag Team Titles match but Aces & 8's swarm the ring and beat the men down. Bully is missing in action. The leather-clad crew toss Chavo and Hernandez out of the ring and Devon takes the mic. He introduces the new World Champion Bully Ray.

Bully embraces Taz on his way through the crowd and joins his brothers in the ring. D-Lo puts the jacket on Bully and the champ takes the mic. He pauses and we get 'Bully' chants. He introduces himself to us and says he is the president of Aces & 8's and the TNA World Champion. Bully says he made a fool of Hulk Hogan and he screwed Brooke. Bully starts to explain that Wes and Garett entering the cage was all part of the plan and the turn was to happen then but Hogan messed it up with his advice about doing something memorable. He said he did in one night, what the nWo couldn't ever do. He tells Hogan to come out here and fire them and as the crowd chants for Hogan, Bully says that will never happen.

- We go to the back as Sting reacts to Bully and he is mad. He says he will get his hands on Bully but first he has to talk to Hulk.

- We return to footage of Velvet Sky's win over Gail Kim last Sunday. Gail Kim makes her entrance and cuts an inset promo on Taryn Terrell being on probation for attacking her. The Impact set looks great and the big screen is huge as Tara enters. Mickie James makes her entrance followed by Velvet Sky.

Velvet Sky & Mickie James vs. Tara & Gail Kim

Kim starts off with Velvet and Velvet takes over and tags Mickie in. The product looks much more 'big-time' in this arena. We go to commercial.

Tara and Mickie mix it up as we return to action. Gail Kim gets in Taryn's face and has words. Velvet Sky speeds things up against Tara but Gail Kim breaks the cover. Taryn and Gail have more words. Gail pie-faces Taryn on her butt. Taryn gets up and slaps Gail. Mickie James comes off the top and takes out Kim. Tara hits the Widow's Peak on Mickie and Velvet hits In Your Face on Tara for the win.

Winners by pin: Velvet Sky & Mickie James

- We go to Aces & 8's sitting around a table, drinking. Bully proposes a toast to them all in case Hogan really does fire them tonight. Bully says he hasn't heard from his wife in while and he calls her and puts her on speaker phone. They all make noise and Bully tells her to say hi to her dad for him.

- Hulk Hogan avoids questions in the back as we return from commercial.

- We go to the ring for Robbie E's entrance. Rob Terry makes his entrance. Robbie E goes to the floor and grabs a mic and says what happened Sunday was a fluke.

Robbie E. vs. Rob Terry

Terry throws Robbie around the ring like a small child and hits a powerslam. The crowd chants, "Feed Me More." Terry hits a spinebuster for the win.

Winner by pin: Rob Terry

The "special" music hits and Terry does his dance routine.

- Sting enters Hulk's office and Hogan glares in his direction as we go to break.

- Bully Ray isn't impressed with the TNA merchandise that he had his members bring back to the table and he wants to take it out on a random guy from the Impact program. Bully says this isn't going to be easy.

- Hogan kind of goes-off on Sting in his office for trusting Bully Ray. Sting tells Hogan not to fire Aces & 8's and that he wants to get his hands on Bully. Hogan says this movie is over and he tells Sting to get out.

- We go to footage of the AJ Styles situation. AJ speaks next.

- Bobby Roode and Austin Aries stop Sting in the back and antagonize him about Hogan telling him off and Bully being the champion due to Sting. Sting silences them and says he wants to fight tonight. Roode abandons Aries and Sting says he is fighting Aries.

- The lovely Christy Hemme introduces the Phenomenal AJ Styles. AJ doesn't come through the entrance. Kazarian and Daniels come out instead, dressed as The Road Warriors. They look strikingly like Animal and Hawk, respectively, just a lot smaller. Daniels runs-down the hometown Road Warriors and mocks their catchphrases. James Storm interrupts and comes to the ring as Kaz & Daniels listen from the apron. Storm defends AJ and The Road Warriors.

James Storm vs. Daniels

Storm brings Daniels in off the apron and the bell rings. Storm takes control but Kazarian trips him up from the floor and Daniels takes over. Taz wonders what the black marks on Daniels' head are. Storm comes back and hits Closing Time. Kazarian distracts from the floor but Storm recovers and hits a backbreaker to Daniels and stacks him up for the win.

Winner by pin: James Storm

Kaz immediately attacks Storm and he and Daniels stomp him out as the crowd gets feverish for AJ. AJ comes down the ramp with his beard and leather jacket and hits a shot to Kazarian. Kaz and Daniels both retreat like cowards. AJ keeps a cold gaze on Kaz and Daniels at ringside. Storm gets up and joins AJ's side. AJ snaps off a vicious clothesline and takes Storm's head off and walks back up the ramp as Tenay wonder who this man is now.

- Joseph Park enters to his 'law show' theme and gets in the ring. Park talks about his successes in his short career and ponders the highlights of his life. He says this is the #1 moment, in front of his hometown in Chicago. Park says he can't wait to see what is next. Matt Morgan's music hits and he and his epic beard come to the ring.

Morgan grabs a mic and asks Hulk Hogan how the whole Bully thing is working out for him. Morgan can't believe Hogan signed this "clown" Joseph Park to a contract. Morgan says he going to start eliminating all of Hulk's mistakes, one by one, starting with Park. Morgan strongly advises Park to get out of his ring. Park goes to leave but Morgan insults Chicago and Park says they never back down from a fight here. Park removes his glasses and jacket and puts his dukes up. Morgan says he does things on his time but hits the Carbon Footprint as Park turns his back. Morgan leans over Park and says his time is next week.

- Bully and his brothers are still drinking around a table. Bully says he liked taking out an Olympic gold medalist. He looks at the camera and tells Hogan to fire them if he has the balls. He threatens to destroy the show and they get up to "go do what we do."

- Austin Aries and Bobby Roode enter the Impact Zone. Sting makes his entrance and his ovation is very loud in Chicago. His entrance looks great in the large setting.

Sting vs. Austin Aries

Sting takes control and Aries gets a breather on the floor as Roode calls for a time out. Roode pulls Sting to the floor but Sting turns the tables and hits a Stinger Splash on the security rail. Aries comes off the top but accidentally takes out Roode. Sting stands tall on the apron as we go to break.

Sting clotheslines Aries over the top and back to the floor. Roode gets on the apron and the ref throws him out. Aries takes advantage from behind and hits a suicide dive to Sting at ringside. Aries sends him back in and drops a beautiful elbow for 2. Aries keeps the pressure on as Sting tries to fight back. Sting goes for a big dropkick but Aries puts on the brakes and Sting just tags the mat.

Aries goes for the Scorpion Death Lock but doesn't know how and screams at Sting, asking him how to do it. That was funny. Sting kicks Aries off and hits a series of shots to the face. Aries avoids the Scorpion Death Lock and hits a missile dropkick off the top. Sting no-sells and gets right back up. Sting goes for the Splash in the corner but Aries moves. Aries hits a dropkick and a Stinger Splash in the corner. Sting counters a brainbuster into a Scorpion Death Drop for 2. Sting connects with the Splash in the corner and applies the Scorpion Death Lock as Aces & 8's rush the ring.

Bully has them hold Sting up and he says he used Sting. Bully asks Hogan how that is for memorable and asks where Hulk is. We cut to a sudden commercial. We're back with six minutes left until the top of the hour as Hogan's music hits to shut Bully up. Hogan walks out on crutches and he says firing them would be too easy. Hogan says every dog has his day. Hulk says he gives power to everyone in the back to band together to eliminate Aces & 8's.

Jeff Hardy's music hits and a bunch of faces run out and we have a brawl in the ring. Samoa Joe is out there with Kurt Angle, Magnus, and Rob Terry. I just finally just saw Hardy as he gets tagged by DOC. Joseph Park, Chavo are there also but Aces & 8's slowly gets the upper hand. Kurt Angle goes crazy but they get him under control again. Aces & 8's stand tall as Bully grabs the mic and asks Hogan if this is what he meant by memorable. Bully walks toward Hogan and says his cavalry just got killed. He asks "dad" what he is going to do. Hogan stumbles forward as we go off the air.

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