Sons Of Paul Bearer Release Message On Late Father, Eulogy From Funeral Posted Online

I still have my mother and father, which is indeed a blessing at my age. They have been married 57-years, and are the heart and soul of our little family. In fact, we are eating at their house today. My sissy Joan, her husband Art; niece Donna and her husband Chris, their almost three year old son Aidan, all are so important. Not forgetting my uncles, aunts, and other relatives.

Dianna's 10 brothers and sisters, her mother, and all of their families are as just as special to me... they are still my family too, and will always be.

It is just wonderful he left us that record of his thoughts. It is a gift. I want to read a entry to each son on their respective birthdays in years gone by. They are prayers from their dad:

To Michael:
After 31-years what a beautiful adventure we are still on together, my son. My wholehearted prayer for you is that you will always be rooted and established in love, remembering my deep and unconditional love for you and your heavenly Father's inexhaustible love for you and surrounded by loving family and friends who encourage and support you. I pray that you continue to dream big and become all that God has created your heart to desire. I pray that you stay close by God's side even when it is the road less traveled, and that you live with conviction and stand for truth at every opportunity. I pray that you are always healthy and safe and that you feel God's protective arms around you wherever you walk. I pray that you never doubt my deep desire to be the very best dad for you, and even during those moments when I fail, may you trust God to fill in those gaps with His unfailing love. May your life be built on the wisdom of God and a discerning heart; and know that your mom will forever be the most precious guardian angel a man could have. I know she is as just as proud of you and your two wonderful girls as I am.

Be Blessed my son.

And from a previous years to Daniel:
Watch over our child, dear Lord. As he stumbles, hold him. In his times of anger, love him. In his times of fear, touch him. In his times of foolishness, teach him. When he strays from your path, retrieve your lost sheep. Watch over our child, dear Lord. Do not grant all the desires of his heart, But grant all the needs of his soul. Let him know sacrifice and discipline So that he may know strength and faith. Watch over our child, dear Lord. Give him love for the beauty of the world you have made. Give him love for his family and friends. Give him love for the stranger in his midst. And above all, give him love for you,That he may know you, Serve you, And glorify you. Watch over our child, dear Lord, quiet our worries and fears. May we, trust in your love for our man child, and find rest and peace in the knowledge that you are with him. Amen. Just remember Daniel, that your Mom loved you more than life itself, and your little Danielle was one of the many things that made her eyes sparkle. You have the best guardian angel you could have, as she is looking down on you each and every day. The biggest tribute you could give her is take care of yourself, and your girls.

He Added: Daniel wrestles on the gulf coast independent scene as "D.J. Pringle", and I have the honor of being in his corner now and then.

We have a lot to learn from his life, by whatever name you call him by: follow your dreams, enjoy the little things and have gratitude for them, love your family, take care of yourself and always as he would say ~ Be Blessed.

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