Thanks to reader Bryant Mooney for sending in these results from last night's RAW live event in Bridgeport, Connecticut. John Ruggiero contributed to this report.

It was a pretty packed crowd and about 3/4 full. Matt Striker did the announcing for the evening. Striker started the show with the fan interaction match option witch was for the United States Championship match either be Antonio Cesaro vs. The Miz or a triple threat match adding Kofi Kingston which was to be decided when the match begins.

1. Brodus Clay & Sweet T (Tensai) def. 3MB (Heath Slater & Drew McIntyre) via pinfall in around 12 minutes.

Brodus and Tensai won with a double splash on Heath Slater. Drew McIntyre was selling his ribs from getting attacked by Ryback and Mark Henry. Pretty much a comedy match for the most part to get the crowd and kids into it. One notable moment was when Naomi (I believe) of the Funkadactyls did a hurricanrana on Heath Slater which got a good pop from the crowd. Clay, Tensai & The Funkadactyls brought kids in the ring and danced with them afterwards. Brodus Clay is perfect in that aspect when it comes to kids.

2. Zack Ryder def. Darren Young via pinfall in around 8 minutes.

Ryder won the match with the Rough Rider. Ryder got a huge pop which I expected, good to see he still gets great crowd reception without the lack of push on television. Darren Young at first pulled a Fandango by saying he's not starting the match until his correct music is played with got decent heat but he eventually agreed to wrestle the match. Decent match and can't really complain. After the match The Shield came out and attacked Ryder. The Shield eventually nailed Ryder with the Triple Powerbomb and ran a promo about how they will win the main event against John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus drawing strong heat from the crowd and chants of "Feed Me More".

3. WWE Divas Championship

Kaitlyn def. Tamina Snuka (with Vicki Guerrero) via pinfall in around 7 minutes.

Kaitlyn won with the spear. Vicki Guerrero came in to massive heat, which really is amazing to see in person. She introduces Tamina Snuka to face Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn got a strong pop from the crowd. Decent match here and couldn't really complain, good effort by both women.

Matt Striker then revealed the results for the fan poll for the United States Championship match which was unanimously voted (don't remember the percentage) as a Triple Threat Match adding Kofi Kingston.

4. WWE United States Championship

Antonio Cesaro def. Kofi Kingston and The Miz in around 17 minutes.

Cesaro won the match after The Miz hit Kofi Kingston with the Skull Crushing Finale and throwing The Miz to the ring post and pinning Kingston. Very good match here, had alot of playing to the crowd in the beginning by all three with The Miz imitating Rick Rude and Hulk Hogan at one point which the crowd ate up. Each men spent time outside the ring to make it one on one for a good part of the match. After the match Cesaro came back out and to attack Miz some more in which Kingston broke up and they double teamed Cesaro to please the crowd. This lead to intermission including highlights from this past Monday's Raw.

Coming back from intermission Matt Striker noted that this next match was a "Special Attraction Match"

5. R-Truth def. Titus O'Neill via pinfall in around 8 minutes

R-Truth won with a neckbreaker (I think, I looked down one second and the match was over). This was definitely the worst match of the night and the least interesting. This was not what the crowd was thinking of for a "Special Attraction Match". The crowd was dead and wasn't really paying much attention to it. I myself wasn't watching it for the most part. Forgettable match. After the match, the referee made "X" sign calling for help to get R-Truth to the back.

Matt Striker then went back on the mic and stated that anything can happen at a house show then suddenly The Undertaker's music played which draw a massive pop from the crowd then CM Punk's music played which jeered the crowd as most of the men strongly cheered. CM Punk was in street clothes which meant he wasn't going to wrestle. CM Punk came out with the urn and played around with it dropping it a few times and mocking Undertaker's signature pose with Paul Heyman holding the urn ala Paul Bearer. Punk did a promo about how he was going to defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania and the streak will go to 20-1. One notable line was where the crowd was chanting "You suck" and Punk stated "Show some respect for Paul Bearer does not suck!" which drew some oh's from the crowd. I'm guessing they wanted to play it safe with CM Punk with the injury he suffered on Raw Monday.

Matt Striker then stated the Main Event was next.

6. John Cena, Ryback and Sheamus def. The Shield via DQ in around 20 minutes

Seth Rollins hit Ryback and Sheamus with the chair to cause the disqualification. After the disqualification, The Shield continued to attack Ryback until Sheamus and Cena came in and Sheamus threw Reigns over the top rope while Cena and Ryback did their finishers simutaneously to send the crowd home happy and high fived the fans at ringside. A lot of strong action and The Shield was just as impressive to see in person. This was definitely match of the night for me and the crowd was with it the entire way. All three faces got strong cheers from the crowd and The Shield got strong heat from the kids mainly.

Overall this was a very entertaining and enjoyable house show for the most part. It was very strange to only have six matches and two promos at a house show.

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