Reyan Ali of recently interviewed Heath Slater, who was promoting last Friday's WWE live event in Bridgeport (results). Here are some highlights:

What pops into his mind about the Nexus invasion: "That no one had a clue, and that's the truth because we didn't even know what was going on until 30 minutes before. No one had a clue. They just told us to go down there and make sure we destroy everything, so we did."

How he felt about the Nexus ending: "When it was all wrapped up, I just felt like there was a lot more mileage in some parts that we could have got out of it instead of ending it the way it did. Everyone said and everyone will keep saying that it ended way too soon. That's the story of Nexus: It ended way too soon."

If he could change one thing about the angle, what it would be: "We would have won SummerSlam [2010]. That's what would have changed. We would have won SummerSlam."

Who he travels with: "Jinder and Drew, man. We travel as a band. We've got a little tour bus that takes us around to each arena. We just was on Bourbon Street having a good time at Mardi Gras. We got our little tour bus to drop us off right there in the middle of it like we always do and go out there and have a great time. You'll see footage. Don't worry, it'll be up."

Working with the legends last year: "Honestly, the whole Legends thing leading up to Raw 1000 was honestly awesome. I'm literally in the ring with the guys I grew up watching. It was honestly one of the best things that happened to me in WWE. It was just one of those things like, 'Holy crap, I'm wrestling Vader. I remember when him and Flair and Sting used to go at it.' 'Oh crap, it's Sid Vicious. Are you kidding me?' 'Cyndi Lauper busted an album over my head, and that happened years ago.' It was a great feeling, and I'm glad they picked me to do it. But out of every one of 'em that I've ever worked, I would have to say Bret Hart [is the best]. Still today, he communicates with me, and he's actually a very good friend. He's helped me a lot with things to do, things I can't do, things I should do. He has a great mind and has done everything in the business. Getting in the ring with him was a childhood dream, too. I never thought it would happen, and it did. Putting the Sharpshooter on me in Calgary was just awesome."

Slater also discussed the whole Justin Gabriel "bromance" thing, The Walking Dead, Jamie Noble and West Virginia and more, you can read the full interview here.

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