Ring of Honor opens this week with the entire locker room (minus SCUM) in the ring with Nigel McGuinness. He talks about SCUM's actions and says that Honor will never die. He says that Adam Cole, BJ Whitmer, and the Briscoes will be getting title shots. He then announces that Jay Lethal and Michael Elgin will fight at Supercard of Honor to determine the number one contender.

Then, the American Wolves cut a brief promo on reDRagon.

ACH and Tadarius Thomas vs. The American Wolves

Richards and ACH start off. They tie up and ACH hits an arm drag takedown. Thomas and Edwards come in and go back and forth. Eventually, Edwards tries for a sunset flip, but Thomas kicks him in the head. Richards is able to come in, and hits Thomas with a big kick. Edwards tries to help Richards with the double team, but Thomas kicks him and then neckbreaker Richards. ACH comes in and "cleans house."

He hits Richards with a crossbody, and keeps up the offense with multiple kicks. ACH hits a moonsault, followed by a reverse rana and a German Suplex. He goes for the pin, but Edwards breaks it up with a flying headbutt. ACH hits Edwards with an enziguri, but Richards comes in and attacks ACH. The Wolves send Thomas from the ring, and hit a combination powerbomb/ back cracker on ACH for the win.

Winners: The American Wolves

BJ Whitmer vs. QT Marshall (with RD Evans)

RD Evans grabs Whitmer's foot and Marshall lands a clothesline. He backs Whitmer into the corner and lands a series of strikes. Marshall then hits a Suplex, followed by a DDT. Whitmer comes back with a few forearms, followed by a big boot. He charges Marshall, but runs into his boot. Whitmer comes back quickly and knees Marshall in the head multiple times as the ref stops the match.

No Contest

Then, Inside ROH is shown. Clips from the recent TV and Tag Title changes are shown. Then, Jay Lethal briefly talks about his number one contender's match against Michael Elgin, which he promises to win. Finally, reDRagon and the American Wolves both cut promos about their upcoming Tag Title match at Supercard of Honor.

Next, Truth Martini and Matt Taven come out with several girls for Hoopla Uncut. A show about, "love, pain and hoopla!" Martini asks Taven what it's like to be the TV champ, and Taven says he'll let his actions speak, and he pulls the TV title out of his pants. The girls stare and start to take their pants off, but the camera cuts away.

Roderick Strong vs. Jay Lethal

The two tie up and go back and forth. Lethal hits an arm drag takedown, followed by a dropkick. He briefly locks in a submission, but Strong quickly gets out. Lethal goes for another dropkick, but misses. Strong nails Lethal with a backbreaker, followed by a chin lock. Lethal makes it to the ropes, and both wrestlers exchange chops.

Lethal comes out on top and hits the Lethal Combination. Strong rolls to the outside and Lethal hits him with a dive. He goes up top, but Strong breaks it up. He hits Lethal with a knee and a forearm, but Lethal counters with a big kick. They briefly go back and forth, and Strong locks in the Strong Hold. Lethal fights out. Strong goes for the Gibson Driver, but Lethal reverses and hits the Lethal Combination for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

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