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- "Samoa Joe: A Championship Legacy" is the 2 Disc DVD set released for Tuesday Rollout this week. The compilation features matches against the likes of CM Punk, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Paul London during Joe's 645 day reign as ROH World Champion. Pick yours up here.

Disc 1
1. Samoa Joe vs. Homicide vs. BJ Whitmer vs. EZ Money (#1 Contender's Trophy Match)...Expect The Unexpected 3/13/03
2. Samoa Joe vs. Xavier...Night of the Champions 3/22/03
3. Samoa Joe vs. Doug Williams...Retribution: Round Robin Challenge II 4/26/03
4. Samoa Joe vs. Paul London...Death Before Dishonor 7/19/03
5. Samoa Joe vs. BJ Whitmer...Wrath of the Racket 8/9/03
6. Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels...Glory By Honor II 9/20/03
7. Samoa Joe vs. Jay Briscoe...Tradition Continues 10/16/03
8. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles...War of the Wire 11/29/03
9. Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Dan Maff...Second Anniversary Show 2/14/04
10. Samoa Joe vs. Homicide...ROH Reborn Stage 1 4/23/04

Disc 2
11. Samoa Joe vs. Homicide...Generation Next 5/22/04
12. Final 20 minutes of Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk...World Title Classic 6/12/04
13. Samoa Joe vs. Shinya Makabe...New Japan USA 6/26/04
14. Samoa Joe vs. Colt Cabana...Death Before Dishonor II Night 2 7/24/04
15. Samoa Joe vs. Doug Williams...Glory By Honor III 9/11/04
16. Samoa Joe vs. Bryan Danielson...Midnight Express Reunion 10/2/04
17. Samoa Joe vs. Rocky Romero...ROH Gold 10/15/04
18. Final 20 minutes of Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk...Joe vs. Punk II 10/16/04
19. CM Punk sit in from Weekend of Thunder Night 2 11/6/04
20. Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk...All Star Extravaganza II 12/4/04

- Roderick Strong recently told Nigel McGuinness that he wanted the best competition possible for Supercard of Honor VII. McGuinness has now announced that Strong will be going one on one with Karl "Machine Gun" Anderson.

Anderson has only competed for ROH twice, but he is a former GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Champion, IWGP Tag team Champion, winner of the 2009 G1 Climax Tag League with Giant Bernard and winner of the 2012 World Tag League with Hirooki Goto.

Strong had this to say to "It's been awhile but this isn't the first time me and Karl have locked up. He's gone on to have a little bit of success here and there and I've become Mister ROH, Mister Triple Crown, the hardest working man in this locker room bro. I'm glad Nigel went and found me some real competition for New York though cause I could certainly use the workout after having to dumb it down lately for that meathead Elgin. This is the match that should be for a shot at the World Title man, not anything involving that clown. Keep an eye on me in New York Nigel cause after the beating I'm going to lay on Anderson, you won't have a choice but to get me into that title picture."

- ROH officials have also announced that Anderson will participate in the TV tapings following Supercard of Honor VII, in a match against Michael Elgin.

Elgin had this to say to "Anderson is an impressive athlete. He has become an absolute beast during his time in Japan. Between his tag title reigns and nearly became the IWGP Heavyweight Champion this year, Karl Anderson is a serious threat to any man in the wrestling ring. Luckily I am not just any man. I have said it before, I will continue to say it, not all men were created equal. Roderick is certainly not my equal, I proved that in Chicago, and I don't think he is the equal of Anderson either. Me, on the other hand, I know I am Machine Gun's equal if not his better. It's no disrespect to what he's done, it's just the absolute belief I have to have in myself. I know I will go into this match as the #1 Contender after I beat Jay Lethal at Supercard, I know I will beat Anderson in what I am sure will be a hell of a fight, and I know I will be the ROH World Champion sooner rather than later."

You can purchase Supercard of Honor VII on iPPV here, and tickets to the TV taping are available here.

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