** SPOILERS ** WWE SmackDown Results For This Friday

After the match, Fandango entered the ring and pounded on Jericho. Fandango hits a leg drop off the top rope on Jericho and grabs a microphone and says "it's Fandango" in his weird voice. Jericho remained laying in the ring surrounded by four referees during a couple of video packages.

Matt Striker interviewed Big Show and asked him if Sheamus and him can get along. Show says Randy is right, and they've all gotten beaten down by The Shield and that they can trust him as much as they can each other.

The referees are in the ring helping Jericho up. He's walking on his own and looks fine.

The disco ball drops and Team Rhode Scholars come out with the Bella Twins. Cody says although we don't deserve it, they were giving us a special gift. The surprise is that the Bellas will accompany them to the ring. Out comes Cameron & Naomi followed by Brodus Clay & Tensai.

* Brodus Clay & Tensai fought Team Rhodes Scholars to a no content after the Bellas tried to distract Brodus, and Naomi took them both down. After the match, Team Brodus danced in the ring.

Matt Striker interviewed Sheamus and Randy Orton and asked if they can work with The Big Show. Sheamus said yes, and that Show can trust them as much as he trusts them.

* The Miz defeated U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro with the figure four leglock. Wade Barrett was on commentary in street clothes. After the match, Miz locked the figure hour in again and begs Barrett to enter the ring. Barrett held up the belt and walked away and Miz let go of the hold.

* Main event time! Randy Orton comes out, followed by Sheamus and then The Big Show. Their opponents are... 3MB. Show hit the KO on one of 3MB and Sheamus tagged in and hit the Brogue kick on another for the win. Show was upset. Shield came out while Sheamus and Show fought. The Shield tried to enter the ring but Show, Orton and Sheamus wouldn't let them. The Shield then retreated. That was the end of the show.

Dark Match

The Big Show got upset and left. Ryback came out to reunite with Orton and Sheamus and they called the Shield back out for the dark match main event. All members of both teams brawled outside of the ring to start. Ryback had Ambrose in the ring and the match started. Ryback dominated the start, before The Shield took control. Ryback eventually got a little offense and made the hot tag to Orton, who cleared house. Rollins got a chair after a bit and hit both Orton and Sheamus, prompting The Shield to get disqualified. The faces then hit their finishers on the Shield to end the night and send the crowd home happy.

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