Austin Aries recently chatted with Brandon Baxter's radio show to discuss his TNA career. Here are some highlights from the interview.

What's left for him to accomplish in TNA: "I mean, I guess all that's left would be the Knockouts Championship [laughter]. There's the Television Championship, which I guess I could bring a little luster to that title. But right now, I got my hands full in the tag division. Obviously I still have my eye on being the World Heavyweight Champion once again. Basically, I would say I'm the common denominator of greatness. Wherever greatness is, Austin Aries is surely there as well."

How he got into wrestling: "I grew up a lifelong wrestling fan. I never really thought about doing it. I honestly, as a young kid, would have imagined how to go about that, but this was before the internet and all these things that have kind of opened the world to everybody. When I had that opportunity, I was in college and kind of decided that wasn't the direction I wanted to be going. A very good childhood friend of mine called me up and told me he was training to be a wrestler, I couldn't believe it. So I drove there and checked it out, moved on his couch a couple weeks later and never looked back."

His influences: "Man, you know what, it's weird. People always ask me those questions, and I've just been a guy whose never had a favorite or anything. I have a collection of things I liked. I grew up watching a lot of Crockett, NWA. So I grew up watching the Horsemen and things like that. So obviously I think the Horsemen were people who were pretty influential on me as a kid. Someone like Bobby Heenan, was just such a big personality, so smart with his humor, and witty and his timing, and I think that's something I was very drawn to."

He also discusses his vegan lifestyle and his oratory background. You can check out the whole interview above.

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