Views From The Turnbuckle: Impact On The Road And What It Can Do For TNA

Fortunately for TNA, Impact on the road really does not add that many extra dates onto the schedule of the company. Since they film one episode live and tape a second one after, between now and Slammiversary, there are only going to be 5 television tapings. Including house shows, TNA is only producing 12 shows over the next 3 months as of the writing of this article. Compared to the WWE, who produce about 12 shows every two weeks, the schedule is practically nothing.

The major hurdle for TNA is that they need to have some form a business improvement for these shows to be successful. Despite the anticipation of going live, the ratings for Impact last summer were down compared to recent years. The first of the road shows, which premiered last week, was met with slightly disappointing ratings. TNA stopped producing shows on the road previously because they were not able to turn a profit, (if they were turning a profit, they would have never stopped them, right?) hopefully that will not happen again.

After cutting down their PPVs to just 4 major shows a year, it is the general impression that TNA is working with some extra capital, which is hopefully enough to get the road shows up enough to justify their continuation. By going on the road, TNA took a large risk, but it appears to be a necessary one. For the further advancement of the company, they needed to get out of the Impact Zone and into the open, and that is exactly what they did.

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