NXT opens this week with a recap of what the Wyatt Family did to Oliver Grey after he and Adrian Neville became the first NXT Tag Team Champions. Adrian Neville vs. Luke Harper is announced as the main event.

Justin Gabriel vs. Leo Kruger

They tie up and Kruger backs Gabriel into the corner. The ref breaks it up and Kruger locks in a side headlock. He punches Gabriel, but Gabriel comes back with a hip toss and a side headlock. Kruger pushes Gabriel to the corner, and Gabriel elbows Kruger. He throws Kruger across the ring by his hair. Kruger comes back with an elbow to the back of the neck, followed by multiple stomps. Back from commercial and Kruger has a hammerlock locked in. He knees Gabriel's arm, and then holds the submission in. Gabriel fights out. Both men try to charge each other and they smack heads. They exchange a series of forearms, kicks, elbows and chops. Kruger hits a spine buster for a near pin fall. He tries to lock in an arm submission, but Gabriel tosses him over his shoulder.

Kruger charges Gabriel in the corner, but Gabriel kicks his knees out. Gabriel then kicks Kruger from the top rope. He then kicks Kruger in the chest multiple times. Gabriel lands a spin out powerbomb for a near fall, followed by an STO. He goes up top, but Kruger rolls out of the way to the apron. Kruger then drops Gabriel's arm across the top rope. He then locks in an inverted key lock, and Gabriel crawls to the ropes. Kruger locks the key lock in again and Gabriel taps out.

Winner: Leo Kruger

Then, Rene Young is backstage with Audrey Marie. Young talks about the love letters she sent to Sasha Banks and her attack on Banks. Marie says it's calmest before the storm. She says Sasha knows she is coming, and there is nothing she can do.

Back from commercial and William Regal is in the center of the ring. He says that last week, he let his emotions get the better of him. He says he owes Kassius Ohno an apology for hitting him, and he asks him to come out to the ring. Ohno comes down and stares at Regal. Regal says sorry and that whatever goes down between them it's not worth it. He says that Ohno doesn't want to be like Regal, and tries to shake his hand.

Ohno says he has idolized Regal for a very long time. He says that he admires how viscous and ruthless Regal was. Ohno says that he and CM Punk traveled together a decade ago to spend a week with Regal and learn that ruthless ability from him. He said he always wanted to be like Regal. He says he traveled all over the world, doing what Regal did, and that Regal made sure the right people saw his footage. He said that now he is a WWE superstar.

Regal says he brought him here because he sees his potential. He says that Ohno deserves it. Ohno says that he doesn't need Regal's advice and doesn't want his career. Ohno asks Regal what his legacy is. He says he was once a proud villain, but now everyone is laughing at him because he is a joke. Ohno says Regal has no legacy. He says that the only thing people will remember from Regal's 30 year career is when he kissed McMahon's butt, and Regal punches him in the face. Ohno rolls out of the ring.

Bayley vs. Paige

The two tie up and Paige flips Bayley. They tie up again and Bayley locks in a wristlock. Paige flips out and whips Bayley, who then slams Paige's head to the mat. Bayley then goes to work on Paige's shoulder with an armbar. Paige fights out and kicks Bayley in the gut. She tosses Bayley across the ring by her hair and then stomps her head in the corner. Paige then whips Bayley into the corner and locks in a cloverleaf. Bayley taps.

Winner: Paige

After the match, Summer Rae tries to sneak attack Paige, but Paige turns around and catches her as she is trying to get in the ring.

Adrian Neville vs. Luke Harper (Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt)

Neville immediately tries punching Neville, but Harper fights him off and hits him with several strikes. Back from commercial, and Harper is in control. He body slams Neville, and then headbutts him. He drops an elbow, and then locks in a chin lock. Neville tries to fight out, but Harper slams him to the mat and locks it back in. He whips Neville into the corner and charges him, but runs into Neville's boot. Harper quickly takes control back with a big boot and a pair of elbow drops.

Harper picks Neville up on his shoulders into a backbreaker. Neville elbows him in the head to escape, but Harper hits a big boot and tries to pin him about 10 times. Neville rolls to the apron. Harper tries to get him in the ring, and Neville drives his shoulder into his gut. He hits a series of elbows to Harper's head, followed by a kick. Neville goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for a near pin fall.

Neville flips over the top rope and takes Rowan out, and pulls the ropes down as Harper charges to send him to the floor. He then bounces of the ropes and hits Harper with a moonsault. Neville stares at Wyatt, and then heads back into the ring. He hits Harper with a DDT, and then tries to go up top. Wyatt distracts the ref and Rowan tries to attack Neville. Neville kicks Rowan, goes up on the turnbuckle, and Harper tosses him off. He then hits a discus clothesline for the win.

Winner: Luke Harper

After the match, the rest of the Wyatt Family heads into the ring. Harper and Rowan hold Neville as Oliver Grey runs to the ring. He tries to make the save, but the family overtakes him. Then Bo Dallas runs down for the save and everyone starts attacking everyone. Eventually Dallas, Neville and Grey clear the Wyatt Family out of the ring to end the show.

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