Diamond Dallas Page will be taking his revolutionary fitness system on the road, as he will be hosting DDP YOGA workouts across the country.

DDP YOGA's "Bad Ass" Tour will kick off in Midland, TX on March 23rd, followed by an appearance in Nashville, TN on March 29th at the Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Festival, and a hometown stop in East Rutherford, NJ on April 7th to coincide with WrestleCon. Before each class, participants will have a chance to talk with Page about why he created this unique program and the benefits behind it.

"I didn't develop DDP YOGA for yogis. DDP YOGA is its own animal; if yoga was a bicycle, DDP YOGA would be a Harley," said Page.

To date, tens of thousands of people have enjoyed the benefits of DDP YOGA and classify themselves as "part of the team." DDP YOGA provides an online support network aptly named TEAM DDP YOGA, made up of almost 17,000 members who help guide users through their transition to a healthy lifestyle. Members are encouraged to participate by sharing their personal experiences -- how the program has helped them overcome weight and flexibility issues, past injuries and even addiction. A few even get a personal call of support from DDP when they share a moment of challenge or a compelling story.

For more information on Bad Ass Tour dates and how to join a class, click here.

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