- As noted earlier, former WWE star Chris Masters saved his mother's life earlier this week after one of her neighbors barricaded himself in her home and set fire to the house. Masters arrived at the home, ripped a tree out of the ground, chucked it through a window and was able to remove his mom from the burning house. Masters taped a segment for Good Morning America about the incident, which will air tomorrow (Friday) morning.

- On tonight's episode of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno made a joke about the incident with Masters during his monologue. Leno said: "Former WWE wrestling [star] Chris 'The Masterpiece' Masters... being called a hero after saving his mother from burning to death by uprooting her tree with his bare hands and using it as a battering ram to enter her house. See, you never hear about the good things steroids do, it's always the bad thing! And the door was unlocked, he really didn't need the tree."

- The Rock was one of the guests on The Tonight Show. He did not have the WWE championship with him, and mostly discussed action movies and his favorite movies growing up. Rock admitted that he loved comedies when he was a kid, and said that he was inspired by Clint Eastwood, whom he called his one and only man crush. Rock said that he wrote Clint a letter recently, and that he knows he received it. He said that he wanted Clint to know that he was his inspiration and that Clint surprised him at the Oscars. There was no mention of him being WWE Champion or WrestleMania. You can check out Rock's appearance in the video above.

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