Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- Impact begins with a video narrated by Bully Ray, documenting how the whole Aces & 8's plan came together. He tells us to sit back as he takes us through every step.

- We go to the arena and crowd shots from Chicago, IL. Hulk Hogan's music hits and he comes to the ring with one left crutch.

Hogan pauses for a nice ovation and chanting. He says he's been around for a while but he's never had the wool pulled over his eyes like Aces & 8's has. He says this is a monster and a war of survival. Hogan says the four TNA wrestlers who led the charge last week are the locker room leaders and the heads of the pack. He says he wants nothing but respect for these men. He starts by announcing Samoa Joe to the ring. They shake hands and Hogan calls out Magnus. The Impact theme music keeps playing as Kurt Angle is introduced. Taz, on commentary, says these men already got beat up. Angle also shakes Hulk's hand in the ring. Hogan says this last warrior is "our" champion, Jeff Hardy.

Hogan tells Hardy that he took TNA to a place he didn't think they would be so quickly. He asks Jeff if he is up for the task of a title rematch. Hardy says he is and that The Creatures need the title back. Jeff proposes a four-way match tonight and the winner gets Bully Ray. Hogan likes the idea and makes it official.

- We go to a vignette with Bully Ray explaining "Plan A," to win Bound for Glory and the World Title, and the night Sting got attacked by the masked men for the 1st time. He says Bobby Roode's assertion that James Storm was involved was planted in Roode's head by Aces & 8's as a diversion. After his loss to Jeff Hardy in the BFG Series, Bully says it was time for a new plan and Hulk Hogan brought it right to him.

- Roode & Aries and Chavo & Hernandez make their walk toward the arena as we go to break.

TNA Tag Titles: Dirty Heels (Roode & Aries) (c) vs. Chavo & Hernandez

Chavo and Hernandez are out first followed by the champs. We see footage of Aces & 8's run-in from last week. Chavo and Roode square-off and go back and forth. Chavo hits a head scissors take down and tags Hernandez for some double team offense. Hernandez hits a splash on Roode for 2. Roode backs Hernandez into the corner and tags Aries. Aries keeps Hernandez isolated and the tag champs make quick tags. Hernandez counters a double suplex attempt into a simultaneous suplex of his own on the two men as we go to break.

Aries tosses Chavo to the floor as we return and Roode sends him into the steel steps. Roode holds Chavo and Aries comes off the top with a double axe handle to Chavo's head. Aries gets a couple of near falls in the ring and the ref catches his feet on the ropes. Aries asks Earl Hebner since when can he see anything. Earl says he saw that. That was pretty funny though. Roode and Aries keep Chavo hemmed up in their corner. Chavo hits a tornado DDT from the top to create some space. Chavo and Roode both tag out as Hernandez takes it to Aries and Roode, both. Hernandez goes up the ramp and charges-in over the top and takes out both Roode and Aries with Air Mexico.

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