Re-Post: SmackDown Results With Video

Clay and Brodus actually look like a good old-school tag team especially with the matching gear. The Bella's try to distract Brodus from the apron and the four girls roll around at ringside. The men get involved and it's chaos at ringside as the bell rings and they separate their respective girls.

- Matt Striker asks Orton and Sheamus in the back if they are on the same page as Show and Sheamus says they all trust each other. He comes back in the shot and says, "No seriously, trust me." The same thing Show ended his interview with. We go to break.

- Antonio Cesaro is introduced in the ring as we see that Wade Barrett has joined commentary.

The Miz vs. Antonio Cesaro

Miz runs into a big knee from Cesaro and kicks out after a gut wrench. Miz fights back and hits an elbow and a knee lift. Miz hits his clothesline in the corner and comes off the top and wins with a figure-4.

Winner by submission: The Miz

Miz applies the move on Cesaro again as a message to Barrett. Barrett gets up and holds his title in the air and slowly walks up the ramp.

Instant Reaction: Poor Cesaro is just an afterthought as Miz releases and he slides out of the ring and disappears. This is just another chapter in the erratic, inconsistent booking of the mid-card as of late. This was just odd booking with the goal of making Miz look strong in his maybe-feud with Barrett.

- The Call red carpet footage is shown.

- Footage of the Triple H contract signing is shown.

- Back in the arena, Orton makes his entrance followed by Sheamus as we go to a commercial.

- Big Show has joined them in the ring as we return and 3MB makes their way to the ring with 8 minutes left in the show.

Sheamus, Randy Orton, & The Big Show vs. 3MB

Jinder Mahal starts off with a kick to Orton's gut but Randy recovers with a vengeance. Sheamus comes in off the tag and goes back and forth with Jinder. Sheamus hits a rolling senton and silences the already-dead crowd for chops to Mahal's chest.

Big Show tags in and hits chops to Drew McIntyre in the ropes. Orton tags in and eggs-on fans' cheers. Orton hits a big powerslam on Heath Slater but Jinder provides the distraction for Slater to hit get a near-fall. 3MB takes it to Orton in their corner. Slater comes off top and Orton hits him with a dropkick in mid-air.

Orton tags Show who, believe it or not, speeds things up against 3MB. Show hits the KO to Drew right as Sheamus tags himself in, thinking Show was in trouble. Sheamus hits The Brogue Kick to Jinder for the win.

Winners by pin: Big Show, Randy Orton, & Sheamus

Show looks a little ticked-off that Sheamus stole his win. He goes up to Sheamus and confronts him. Orton steps in between them and tries to calm things down as The Shield's music hits. Roman Reigns is in line behind Ambrose and Rollins this week as they come down through the fans. Show and Sheamus get into a shoving match but quickly focus as The Shield surrounds the ring. The Shield decides to retreat as Show, Orton, and Sheamus stand, momentarily united.

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