Chyna has moved to Japan and has opened up a new Twitter account at @ChynaChyna9_. She tweeted moments ago about Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, and noted that she spoke with Vince McMahon and that a Hall of Fame induction may be a possibility. She wrote:

"For everyone who keeps asking, No I'm not in love with @TripleH. He is married to @StephMcMahon. I moved on and so should people that have asked. I'm happy as a person and have a wonderful man by my side that I love. I am currently on good terms with @WWE and keeping it that way. I spoke to @VinceMcMahon and a #WWEHOF MIGHT be in the near future."

We recently uploaded on our YouTube channel a clip from our interview with Chyna that we conducted a little over a year ago. In the video above, Chyna discussed finding out about Triple H's affair with Stephanie McMahon and confronting Stephanie about it. You can read the full interview here.

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