ROH this week opens with a replay of SCUM's actions at the end of 11th Anniversary, followed by Nigel McGuinness' reaction to the attack last week.

Michael Elgin vs. Silas Young

The two wrestlers tie up and Elgin backs Young into the corner. They break up, and then tie up again. Young comes out on top with a Boston crab, which Elgin promptly breaks out of. They briefly go back and forth, and Elgin knocks Young to the outside. Elgin fights off Young's comeback attempt with a slingshot shoulder for a near pin fall. Young fights back and takes Elgin's knee out. He then keeps the attack up, striking Elgin in the corner.

Elgin comes back and strikes Young in the corner. Young tries to fight back, but Elgin lands a German Suplex. Elgin then lands a series of strikes, and keeps the attack up. Eventually Young comes back with a double underhook facebuster, and tries to attack further, but Elgin hits the bucklebomb and the Elgin Bomb for the win.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Then, an interview with Adam Cole is shown, and he says he will continue to fight like a champion even though he lost his title.

Then, Charlie Haas comes down to the ring. He talks trash on Chicago teams, and then says he was sick of carrying Shelton Benjamin for 10 years. He says that at their scheduled match at Supercard of Honor, Benjamin won't show up. He then offers up a challenge for anyone to fight him, and Grizzly Redwood comes out.

Charlie Haas vs. Grizzly Redwood

Redwood charges Haas and attacks him, but Haas hits a big boot. Redwood nails a quick roll up, and Haas clotheslines him. Haas lands an overhead belly to belly, and locks in the Haas of Pain. Redwood taps.

Winner: Charlie Haas

After the match, Haas won't let go of the submission, so Mike Mondo runs out and makes the save. Back from commercial and Veda Scott is in the ring interviewing Mondo and Redwood. Mondo says he is back so soon because he is in beast mode, and SCUM comes to the ring through the crowd. They attack Mondo and Redwood.

Cliff Compton grabs Veda, and BJ Whitmer, Mark Briscoe, and Coleman and Alexander run out for the save, but Corino stops them by threatening Veda. Corino says next week, Ring of Honor belongs to SCUM, and it doesn't matter what matches McGuiness makes. Nigel agrees and things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and McGuinness is on commentary. He says Veda is okay, and then Corino comes through the crowd. He introduces Matt Hardy for his match. Hardy then comes through the crowd and to the ring.

Matt Hardy vs. Adam Cole- Number one contendership for the TV Title

The two exchange forearms back and forth, and Cole hits a crossbody. Cole throws some punches, and the ref breaks it up. Hardy seizes the opportunity and takes Cole's legs out. He starts showboating, and Cole sends him to the outside, followed by a dive. Cole keeps the attack up outside and heads inside to break the 20 count. As he goes back outside, Hardy hits him in the head. He sends Cole into the barrier, and keeps the attack up. Cole eventually reverses with a figure four around the ring post. The ref breaks it up, and Cole tries for the Florida Key. Hardy counters. They head back in the ring and Cole lands a dropkick.

Back from commercial and Hardy is in charge. He lands a neck breaker, and then a crucifix powerbomb. He chokes Cole with his boot, and then gets a Side Effect for a near pin fall. Cole comes back quickly with a enziguri, followed by a shining wizard. Cole keeps the attack up for a few moments. He goes for a crossbody up top, and misses. The two exchange figure fours. They go back and forth, and Cole ends up on the outside. Hardy rips up the mat. He tries for the Twist of Fate, but Cole reverses into the Florida Key. Rhino then comes out of the crowd and gores Cole.

No Contest

Coleman and Alexander then run down to save Cole, and the rest of SCUM runs out to take them down. Then, multiple other ROH wrestlers run out to fight SCUM, and the show ends with everyone brawling.

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