WWE RAW Results - Legends Quiz Rock And Cena, The Shield In Action, More

Winner by Count Out: AJ Lee

- Up next, WWE Legends will quiz The Rock and John Cena. Back to commercial.

- Jerry Lawler is in the ring to moderate the Q&A with John Cena, The Rock and the WWE Legends. Lawler introduces Booker T, Mick Foley, Dusty Rhodes and then Bret Hart. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and the Legends are seated at a table and Lawler is moderating from a podium. Lawler introduces WWE Champion The Rock and out he comes to a big pop. Rock shakes the hands of the Legends and hugs them. Out next comes John Cena to a bit of a mixed reaction. Cena also greets the Legends and poses for the fans while his music plays. Rock and Cena both stand at their podiums. Lawler says each Legend will ask either Rock or Cena a question. Once they respond, the other will also have a chance to respond. Mick Foley is up first. Foley mentions teaming with The Rock at WrestleMania 20. Foley asks if Cena is prepared to live with the type of regret that would go with another loss this year.

Before Cena can speak, the crowd tells him he sucks. Cena says whether he loses or wins, April 7th will change the face of WWE forever. Cena says he's aware that losing is a very real option for him this year. Cena brings up former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb never being able to win the big one. Cena says if he loses, he will carry the legacy of McNabb, state to state, city to city, arena to arena - he will get a reaction of disdain. Cena says statistically he will be good, but he will never be able to win the big one. Cena says he can handle failure but Rock knows nothing of failure, not yet but he soon will. A "boring" chant breaks out in the crowd. It's The Rock's turn to respond and the fans chant his name.

Rock says he does know about failure. He talks about being broke when he was younger, before he got his big break with WWE. Rock says he flopped 6 months later with a knee injury. Rock says he worked his ass off and came back. He asked for one thing - a mic. Rock says two years later, he became the youngest WWE Champion and main eventing WrestleMania in this very city. Rock says finally, he has come back to Philadelphia. Rock says he was riding high but got his ass kicked by Steve Austin Rock says he sat alone in the locker room thinking about the failure but made a decision he would come back and be the hardest working ever, one of the greatest of all-time. Rock says those failures led him to be the man he is today, the man who will whip Cena's ass at WrestleMania. A "Cena sucks" chant breaks out in the crowd.

Bret Hart is up next. He wasn't happen last year when they both were overcame with bad blood. He says it almost became a Shawn Michaels-Bret Hart thing. Bret says they're different now and asks what happened. Rock answers and says last year, it was just two guys going at it for 30 minutes in the ring. Rock says Cena took that loss like a man and he respected that. Cena talks about calling Rock out in an interview a few years ago. Cena goes on and says he respects Rock. Cena says in 13 days, we will see how Rock handles his loss. Booker T is up next. He asks Cena why he thinks he can beat Rock at WrestleMania. Cena says because he has to, that's it - he has to. The crowd boos. Rock mocks him and asks what kind of weak answer is that. Rock tells him to wipe a monkey's ass with that answer. Rock tells Cena to tell the truth about why he thinks he has to win. Cena says because Rock didn't beat him. Rock can't beat him. Cena says he beat himself. Cena says he has never said that publicly but that's fact. Cena says one bad decision, one personal moment he got caught up in. The crowd boos Cena. Cena says Rock is the only person that clouded his judgment enough to make a dumb decision. Cena says he watched the match over and over - he had Rock beat but made a stupid move by trying to use Rock's own move. Cena says that will never happen again. Cena says he will do things his way on his terms at WrestleMania 29. Cena says he knows he is better than The Rock. That's his reason.

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