TNA President Dixie Carter recently sat down with Brandon Baxter's radio show to discuss TNA wrestling. Here are some highlights from the interview.

Why TNA is deciding to go on the road now: "It's really a business decision; it just came down to that. You have to be able to financially go on the road. It costs a tremendous amount of money. Just one day, you're flying in a couple hundred people from all over the country. It's just a very expensive proposition. I take the livelihood of our talent and staff very seriously. Every night I put my head down on my pillow I'm thinking about those families and I'm thinking about being in business ten years from now, twenty years from now. I didn't want to make a decision that we weren't going to be able to back up with the right kind of success. So, we just felt like, based upon a lot of different signals, a lot of different business things that we're going on, now was the time that we needed to do it. I think that based on San Antonio, right into Chicago, and Jonesboro I know is not going to let us down, and we're going to have a big week this week in ticket sales; I know it's the right decision."

What seeing a live TNA event is like: "Well the first thing, from the time you walk in, until the time the bell rings and we go live, we want it to be fun. There's going to be great music, things going on, I'll be out on the floor; there will just be a lot of things happening. You'll get to meet some people. We want it to be like a party. We love for our fans to come and get loud, stand up and really be part of the show. It'll be great. Family entertainment, but it's also fun for people of all ages. I just think it's going to be a great time. The fans are just as much a part of the show, in our opinion, as what's going on in the ring."

How she feels about the TNA product: "I think part of it is just the outstanding wrestling itself. I think we have the best talent roster there is out there today. These men and women are so passionate about what they do. They're not dialing it in, mailing it in on any night; it doesn't matter whose there. They're giving it their all, and I think what's going on inside the ring is phenomenal. I think the storytelling going on right now is better than anything we've ever done, and better than anything that's out there today. Some of the production elements that we're doing into the show, as far as how we're shooting it and the kind of backstage, how you're seeing some things fly out of the wall, or TMZ style, or just some stuff that looks like film quality, all of those are really unique to wrestling. I think that's how we transform our show."

You can listen to the whole interview above.

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