Views From The Turnbuckle: Analysis Of Undertaker's Streak, How CM Punk Compares

Views From The Turnbuckle: Analysis Of Undertaker's Streak, How CM Punk Compares
The Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania is easily the most talked about "record" in professional wrestling. Although in reality the streak is a product of creative storylines and something that could easily be duplicated if the WWE chose to do so, nothing should be taken away from the fact that the Undertaker has remained interesting and significant for over 20 years of exposure.

The WWE often talks about how impressive the streak is, but outside of the Undertaker's DVD about the streak (which is simply a collection of the matches), they have never really analyzed the streak match-by-match, which is something I would like to do today. Here it is folks, a match-by-match examination of the Undertaker's legendary Wrestlemania streak, as well as how the Undertaker's match with CM Punk should compare to its predecessors.

#1 Undertaker vs Jimmy Snuka Wrestlemania VII

The first victory for the Undertaker took place only about four months after his debut in the WWE. Although Snuka is often cited as one of the "legends" that the Undertaker has vanquished at Wrestlemania, nothing about this match was legendary. The Undertaker took care of Snuka in under five minutes and would continue to pick up squash victories in route to winning the WWF Title that November.

#2 Undertaker vs Jake Roberts Wrestlemania VIII

Forgotten by many younger fans, the Undertaker's feud with the wildly popular Jake Roberts is one of the best feuds of the Deadman's career and really helped establish 'Taker as a top flight talent in the WWE. The match itself was rather lackluster, with the Undertaker shaking off two DDT's to defeat Roberts in just six and a half minutes, but the victory for the Undertaker over someone as popular as Roberts cannot be discredited.

#3 Undertaker vs Giant Gonzales Wrestlemania IX

Although treated as mostly a joke presently, there was a time when Giant Gonzales was cited as a legitimate threat to the Undertaker. Gonzales was limited as a wrestler, but he did have ok charisma and had Harvey Wippleman in his corner. The match was built similar to the Undertaker's match against Mark Henry at Wrestlemania 22, with the Undertaker hitting the big man with everything he had to take him off his feet. Undertaker actually won this match via disqualification when Gonzales incapacitated him with a rag covered in chloroform. Also featured my personal favorite Undertaker entrance, with the Deadman being accompanied to the ring with a raven.

#4 Undertaker vs King Kong Bundy Wrestlemania XI

After taking Wrestlemania X off, the Undertaker returned to action against King Kong Bundy and the Million Dollar Corporation. In what was becoming an all too common theme for the Undertaker, the match was rather bland with the Phenom picking up the win after a flying clothesline.

#5 Undertaker vs Diesel Wrestlemania XII

Another disappointing match in the streak followed the very next year. After getting in the way of each other's championship aspirations, Diesel and the Undertaker decided to settle it at Wrestlemania. With Nash on his way out of the WWF, the match did not appear to feature a ton of effort from either party. Diesel dominated most of the match, but the Deadman overcame the onslaught to win his 5th straight match at Wrestlemania.

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