Trish Stratus Weighs In On The State Of The Divas Division, Entering The WWE Hall Of Fame, More

On the quality of matches given by Divas today: "That's the thing, these girl's matches are great; they're actually having really good matches, to be honest. Tamina is fantastic in there, I mean and it's like everyone happens to be under the radar because they're like 'Yeah, that was a good match' but it's true. It's like, you need that storyline, there's no way around it. You see they deliver the good, they just need something to fuel them in there, so when they're there it's like I care what that kick means, or why that cheat means so why I hate her for that cheat. So, that's one thing missing, that's for sure."

Who would she like to see next inducted into the Hall of Fame, female wise: "I mean, I think Lita would be a great pick. She and I obviously sort of have this parallel our entire career. She's a great friend of mine, I respect her and our career was a real special thing that we had; the relationship and our character's relationship as well; I think she would be deserving. But, at the same time, you know it's a long list. There's some great women; I know one thing I kept hearing was Luna Vachon; why is Trish Stratus going in before Luna Vachon and I concur. You know, I think Luna, to me it would be great to see her go in but there's so many women who've contributed to the overall of what women and how women are perceived in wrestling, but these women will all get in at some point. It's not a matter of will they, it's a matter of when."

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