Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- Velvet gives an interview in the back after the break but Taryn sees Gail and Tara walk by and attacks them. Velvet has to pull her off.

- A promo runs for Gut Check. It returns next week. JB introduces next week's combatants who have a stare-down.

- Sting yells at a security guard who can't let him in. Sting is unhinged and says he is going to try a different approach and that he is "getting into that place."

- Back from a break as we see a replay of the opening segment.

- Hogan talks to Hardy in his office and says the rematch was already his but for Hardy to go through 3 men was phenomenal. Hogan says the match is set for April 11. Hogan says he is sorry for his mistakes but Hardy has a chance to redeem it. Hardy says he lives for the future and that he is taking the title back. Hogan tells Hardy that he can make the stipulation for his match with Bully.

We hear Sting's music hits and Hogan grabs his crutch and leaves Hardy and says Sting isn't supposed to be here.

- Sting makes his entrance in the ring and cuts a promo on Bully Ray. He says he needs to fix this problem and the only way to do it is to call Hulk Hogan out. Hogan's music hits and he comes to the ring. Hogan circles Sting in the ring and Sting says he is going to say he is sorry for the 3rd time and if Hogan doesn't accept, things might get nuclear.

Hogan says he should have trusted his gut but Sting was persistent in trusting Bully. Hogan is fiery and says Sting ruined this company. Sting tells him to man-up because he is ultimately in charge. Hogan accepts full responsibility and tells Sting he's tired of hearing about it and tells Sting to get out of his ring. Sting says, "Make me."

Hogan rips his shirt as two security guards get in between them and escort Sting out. Hogan says it isn't over between them. Sting picks Hogan's crutch up on the ramp but security makes him drop it. The cameras follow behind the curtain as Sting walks away in the dark. We go to commercial.

- During The Break: Matt Morgan applauds as Sting walks by and calls him another Hogan mistake. Sting pauses and continues walking.

- A video package runs of the AJ Styles saga ending with his confrontation with James Storm last week.

- James Storm makes his entrance to the ring and calls out AJ Styles. We get wide shots of the arena and finally see AJ standing in the stands. Storm says he has been where AJ is but he picked himself up and got back in the ring. Storm says they could either put a drink in the hand and talk about it or make a fist and fight about it. AJ leaves as Storm is swarmed and beaten by Aces & 8's DOC, Garett, and Wes. Eric Young comes out and gets beat also. Kurt Angle comes down and Aces & 8's retreats. Angle grabs a mic and challenges them to a match.

Open Fight Night: Kurt Angle, James Storm, & Eric Young vs. DOC, Garett Bischoff, & Wes Briscoe

Storm takes it to Garett and tags EY for a double reverse elbow. EY gets 2 but Garett takes over with a clothesline and tags Wes. Wes continues control of Eric Young. Young hits a flying forearm for 2 and tags Angle in. Angle keeps the ring cut-off from Wes and tags EY back in. Garett gives Wes a distraction to take over on EY. DOC tags in as we go to break.

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