Re-Post: Impact Wrestling Results With Video

- Impact begins with a video package of recent events. It's Open Fight Night and Jeff Hardy is the #1 contender. How will Bully Ray react?

- We go to the arena in Jonesboro, AK as Jeff Hardy makes his entrance. Hardy pauses for cheers in the ring and says that although he is not 100% he is the #1 contender. He is about to call someone out and is interrupted by Bully Ray and Aces & 8's with "Blah, blah, blah..." as the brotherhood makes their way through the crowd. Bully gets on the apron as he runs-downs Hardy and the fans. Mr. Anderson gets on the apron and says Hardy gets chance after chance but they don't need free passes. Anderson continues to tell Bully that Hardy is a disappointment and that he lost fair and square.

Hardy knocks Anderson off the apron and is swarmed by Aces & 8's with Bully directing traffic. Bully starts to swing his chain as they hold Hardy but Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, and Magnus come to the rescue. Hardy challenges Mr. Anderson to a match for later.

- In the back, Chavo & Hernandez discuss their loss last week to Aries & Roode due to interference from Daniels & Kazarian, and decide the same thing won't happen tonight. They make their way out to make a challenge as we go to break.

- Chavo grabs a mic in the ring and says it's Open Fight Night and all about payback. He says they talked to Hulk Hogan and the winner of this match will become the #1 contenders for the tag titles. He calls out Daniels & Kazarian.

Open Fight Night - #1 Contenders Match: Chavo & Hernandez vs. Daniels & Kazarian

Both teams go back and forth and Chavo launches Daniels to the floor. Kaz pulls the rope down and Chavo falls to the floor. Daniels & Kazarian double team Chavo. Chavo tags Hernandez from the ramp and they both fly in tandem back in the ring, over the top, onto Kaz & Daniels as we go to commercial.

Kaz is in control of Chavo in the ring as we return to action. Chavo hits a head scissors and hits a flurry to tag Hernandez who takes care of both men and slams them with each on a shoulder. Kazarian trips Hernandez from the floor and almost helps Daniels steal the win. Daniels tries to use the ropes to win but the ref sees it. Hernandez hits a sit-down powerbomb and tags Chavo but Kazarian pushes Chavo off the top and gives Daniels a near-fall. Hernandez takes care of Kaz on the ramp and hits Air Mexico to Daniels in the ring. Chavo comes off the top with a splash for the win.

Winners by pin and #1 Contenders for the Tag Titles: Chavo & Hernandez

- Taryn Terrell is half-dressed in the locker room as she peeks around the door and tells the interviewer it's her first night as a Knockout and she knows who she is calling out...and what she is going to wear.

- Back from a break to a clip of Brooke Hogan firing and then signing Taryn Terrell last week.

- Taryn makes her entrance in a skimpy blue and pink two-piece. She is handed a mic and calls out Gail Kim. Gail's music hits and she finally appears and makes her way to the ring. Gail grabs a mic and gets face-to-face with Taryn and asks if she really wants to embarrass herself on national TV. Gail introduces someone who wanted to call Taryn out tonight, Tara, to come out here and help her take care of business. Gail attacks Taryn from behind and she and Tara begin to take her apart. Velvet Sky comes down to the rescue and Gail and Tara retreat.

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