Damien Sandow recently sat down with Mike Jones of DC 101. Here are some highlights from the interview.

The current tag team division. "The thing is, the WWE tag team scene has not been this volatile in a long time. You have the WWE tag team champions, Kane and Daniel Bryan, who knows what page they're on. They get along sometimes, sometimes they don't. You have Prime Time Players, the Usos, obviously Team Rhodes Scholars, the best tag team in the world today. It's just great; it's a great time to be in the tag team division in the WWE, and it's a great time to be in the WWE in general. Obviously we are very very close to April 7th, Wrestlemania, MetLife Stadium. That sold out, the biggest Wrestlemania of all time. It's funny because every year, we say it, it's the biggest Wrestlemania of all time, but the fact is every year, it is the biggest Wrestlemania of all time. I can assure that on April 8th, plans for next year's Wrestlemania will get started and we'll make it bigger and better."

CM Punk vs. Undertaker. "The streak vs. CM Punk, CM Punk the longest reigning WWE Champion in recent history. What a year he's had. If anyone has ever come close to being able to break the streak, as far as momentum goes, Punk's it. The guy was the longest reigning WWE Champion in recent history. That's saying something. It speaks for itself; he was able to hang on to the title for that long. You don't get to be that unless you know exactly what you're doing, you have a game plan and you can get it done in the ropes. Then again, the Undertaker's streak and that's pretty much all I have to say; it speaks for itself."

His first Wrestlemania match this year. "I don't like them [Brodus Clay and Tensai]. Most people, they view this match as, this is about people fans like and people fans may not necessarily like. This is not a match between good and bad. This is a match between decency and filth. My partner, and best friend, Cody Rhodes, myself and the Bella Twins represent everything that is decent about humanity. And on the other hand you have those gyrating fools that represent the filth. On the grandest stage of them all, one can only hope, and I can assure, that decency shall prevail."

If he knows what's written on Tensai's face. "Yes, actually I have been schooled in several different languages. However, you don't want to know what it says. It's so repulsive that I don't want to give Tensai any more credit than he's trying to take for himself. If I told people what that writing said, they'd probably be making signs, and everything like that. So, I would say that if you're going to make a sign, make a sign for Team Rhodes Scholars. Make a sign for the Bella Twins."

You can listen to the whole interview above.

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