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- SmackDown begins with a video package touting The Rock's return to the show tonight to address John Cena with 9 days until WrestleMania.

- We go to a wide shot of the crowd in Hershey, PA as Rock's music hits and he walks onto the stage and takes in the cheers and then enters the ring as we see footage of Cena getting Rock Bottomed on RAW. Michael Cole is on commentary with JBL and Josh Mathews.

Rock pulls out a Hershey bar and gets some cheers. Rock says last time he was on the show it was story time and it's appropriate that it continue here because after Nashville he moved to a town close to Hershey called Bethlehem. Rock talks about having a creepy mustache at 15 years old and shows a picture on the Titantron. Rock continues with his story and tells of the origin of his "candy-a**" catchphrase which apparently began in Hershey, PA at the expense of an old lady eating candy.

Rock is interrupted by some music that I thought was Jack Swagger but out walks John Laurinaitis. We go to commercial.

We return to a "You Suck" chant and Rock asks who in the blue hell Laurinaitis is. Big Johnny begins to introduce himself like good (bad) old times and Rock says he mistook Rock for someone that gives a crap and that Johnny interrupted story time. Johnny talks about People Power and The People's Champion. The crowd "What's" Johnny to death and Rock says he will kick his monkey-a** if he doesn't get to the point. Johnny proposes to be in Rock's corner at WrestleMania to make sure Cena doesn't do whatever he has to, to win.

Rock puts it to a vote and the crowd isn't having it. Rock says instead, they can send Cena a message together. Rock shakes hands with him and doesn't let go. Rock hits a spinebuster and the People's Elbow on Big Johnny. Rock grabs the mic and tells Cena he will kicks his candy-a** again.

- We see a rundown of tonight's matches including a bench press challenge between Mark Henry and Ryback.

- Y2J makes his entrance as we go to break.

- We return to a clip of Fandango dropping the leg on Jericho last week and are told that is where Jericho got his black eye. The Miz has joined commentary. Wade Barrett makes his entrance.

Chris Jericho vs. Wade Barrett

Miz says he will make Barrett tap at WrestleMania just like he did this week. Jericho starts-off strong and clotheslines Barrett over the top. Jericho brings Barrett back in for more punishment. Barrett hits a big boot to Jericho's head on the apron and Jericho falls to the floor as we go to break.

Barrett is in full control in the ring with a headlock. Jericho escapes and hits a series of shoulder-blocks and comes off top with an axe-handle. Barrett answers back with Winds of Change and gets 2. Jericho splashes off the top and goes for The Walls but Barrett kicks him off.

Y2J pulls the rope down and Barrett falls to the floor. Jericho misses off the turnbuckle and falls to the floor. Barrett takes notice of Miz and Miz stands up. The talk trash and Barrett beats the count back in but Jericho hits the Code Breaker for the win.

Winner by pin: Chris Jericho

Jericho grabs a mic in the ring and says he would love to savor his win over the Intercontinental Champion but he sees that Fandango is about to make his grandiose entrance as they stage is dressed-up. Jericho proceeds to try to pronounce Fandango's name including a hilarious rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Fandango's music hits and he dances down the ramp with his partner. Jericho opens the ropes for him to invite him in. Fandango pauses and decides to dance his way back up the ramp.

- After a break, we return to an outside shot of the arena and go to a Triple H-Brock Lesnar video package.

- We go to an interview by Josh Mathews from earlier today with Paul Heyman. Heyman, sporting a shiner that takes up almost half his face, cuts a passionate promo about the end of Triple H's career means being ultimately ousted out of his job as an executive and that he is no match for Heyman and Lesnar.

- Hour number two begins with Teddy Long and Booker T on the stage next to a weight bench. Booker says tonight we will see who is the strongest and introduces Ryback. Cole says the barbell contains 225 pounds and we will see who can do more reps. Teddy interrupts Booker and says he's got this as he introduces Mark Henry. Booker has to hold them back and says if they violate his no-contact clause, they will be banned from WrestleMania.

Henry goes first and Booker says the world record is 51 reps. The crowd counts along as Henry manages 53. Henry screams in Ryback's face that that is what he does. Ryback gets the crowd chanting, "Feed Me More," and they count along as he reaches 53. Henry slides in and pushes the bar down onto Ryback's chest and the weights finally fall off and Ryback coughs on the floor of the stage. Booker yells at Henry who says he didn't put his hands on Ryback. Medical personnel surround Ryback as he continues to cough and makes it to his feet.

Daniel Bryan & Kaitlyn vs. Dolph Ziggler & AJ

Kaitlyn gets a hold of AJ but Ziggler gives AJ the distraction to take over. AJ gets a couple of near-falls. Kaitlyn hits a spear and tags Daniel Bryan which brings Ziggler in. Bryan gets a near-fall and his No Kicks until Big E interferes from the floor. Kane takes care of Big E on the floor but Ziggler hits Kane with a dropkick through the bottom rope. Things break down at ringside. Kaitlyn hits AJ with a spear in the ring for the win.

Winners by pin: Daniel Bryan & Kaitlyn

- The Shield bring us another hand-held promo. They say their purpose is stronger than any one of Sheamus, Orton, or Big Show so the three of them together don't stand a chance.

- The Great Khali makes his entrance with Natalya and Hornswoggle as we take a commercial break.

- Jack Swagger enters with Zeb Colter and they cut a promo on their way down. They say in the ring, is everything that is wrong with this country today.

The Great Khali vs. Jack Swagger

Khali hits some chops and such to Swagger but Swagger fights back with knees to the gut in the corner. Khali hits a series of clotheslines as Swagger bumps around for him. Swagger takes out Khali's left leg and takes him down. Swagger applies the Patriot Lock on Khali on the floor and they both get counted out.

Hornswoggle tries to pull Swagger off and gets slammed into the security wall. Ricardo Rodriguez comes onto the stage with a crutch and distracts Swagger. Alberto Del Rio appears in the ring behind Swagger and applies the cross arm-breaker. Zeb pulls Del Rio off and Ricardo hits him with his crutch. Del Rio swings on Swagger wildly with the crutch but Swagger ducks out and escapes with Zeb to the stage.

- The RAW Rebound runs with CM Punk and The Undertaker.

- A lovely new interviewer by the name of Renee Young is standing by in the back with Randy Orton, Sheamus, and The Big Show. She sends to footage from RAW where they backed The Shield down. The tell her they have set aside their differences but Sheamus and a laid-back Big Show begin to bicker a little. Show says he never had a problem in the first place and Sheamus not trusting him was Sheamus' problem. Orton steps in to set them straight and leaves. They leave separately. Big Show leaves last and shrugs at Renee. Show is so good when he wants to be.

- Sheamus, Orton, and Show make their entrances but wait for each other on the stage and they walk together. That was a nice touch. In case you are wondering, the order was: Sheamus, Orton, Show.

Damien Sandow cuts a promo on his way down with Antonio Cesaro and Cody Rhodes. I just had a flashback to the late 80's. Cesaro yodels like he did last night on Main Event and Cole brings us more yodeling facts.

Sheamus, Randy Orton, and The Big Show vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & Antonio Cesaro

Sheamus takes Cesaro's head off with a clothesline and tags Big Show. Cody tags in too and Show hits him with repeated chops in the corner. Show hits a scoop slam and tags Orton as we go to break.

Sheamus tags out and Orton tags in as we return to action which means we get Orton regardless. Sandow turns the tables and Orton gets taken apart in enemy territory as they make quick tags. Cesaro hits his gut-wrench, Sandow hits The Elbow of Disdain. Orton makes the hot-tag to Sheamus who speeds things up against Cody. Sheamus hits the forearms in the ropes on Cody and then on Sandow. JBL tells him to do it to Josh too which made me chuckle. Sheamus is swarmed in the ring but Show comes to his rescue and throws Sandow into the RKO. Show calls for the Brogue Kick and Sheamus hits it on Cody for the win.

Winners by pin: Sheamus, Randy Orton, and The Big Show

The Shield start to make their way down the stands but Orton, Show, and Sheamus meet them and the brawl around the arena in the stands. The Shield retreat as Orton, Big Show, and Sheamus stand tall on one of the upper decks.

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