WWE SmackDown Results: Rock's Story Time, Mark Henry-Ryback Bench Press Contest & More

Y2J pulls the rope down and Barrett falls to the floor. Jericho misses off the turnbuckle and falls to the floor. Barrett takes notice of Miz and Miz stands up. The talk trash and Barrett beats the count back in but Jericho hits the Code Breaker for the win.

Winner by pin: Chris Jericho

Jericho grabs a mic in the ring and says he would love to savor his win over the Intercontinental Champion but he sees that Fandango is about to make his grandiose entrance as they stage is dressed-up. Jericho proceeds to try to pronounce Fandango's name including a hilarious rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody.

Fandango's music hits and he dances down the ramp with his partner. Jericho opens the ropes for him to invite him in. Fandango pauses and decides to dance his way back up the ramp.

- After a break, we return to an outside shot of the arena and go to a Triple H-Brock Lesnar video package.

- We go to an interview by Josh Mathews from earlier today with Paul Heyman. Heyman, sporting a shiner that takes up almost half his face, cuts a passionate promo about the end of Triple H's career means being ultimately ousted out of his job as an executive and that he is no match for Heyman and Lesnar.

- Hour number two begins with Teddy Long and Booker T on the stage next to a weight bench. Booker says tonight we will see who is the strongest and introduces Ryback. Cole says the barbell contains 225 pounds and we will see who can do more reps. Teddy interrupts Booker and says he's got this as he introduces Mark Henry. Booker has to hold them back and says if they violate his no-contact clause, they will be banned from WrestleMania.

Henry goes first and Booker says the world record is 51 reps. The crowd counts along as Henry manages 53. Henry screams in Ryback's face that that is what he does. Ryback gets the crowd chanting, "Feed Me More," and they count along as he reaches 53. Henry slides in and pushes the bar down onto Ryback's chest and the weights finally fall off and Ryback coughs on the floor of the stage. Booker yells at Henry who says he didn't put his hands on Ryback. Medical personnel surround Ryback as he continues to cough and makes it to his feet.

Daniel Bryan& Kaitlyn vs. Dolph Ziggler & AJ

Kaitlyn gets a hold of AJ but Ziggler gives AJ the distraction to take over. AJ gets a couple of near-falls. Kaitlyn hits a spear and tags Daniel Bryan which brings Ziggler in. Bryan gets a near-fall and his No Kicks until Big E interferes from the floor. Kane takes care of Big E on the floor but Ziggler hits Kane with a dropkick through the bottom rope. Things break down at ringside. Kaitlyn hits AJ with a spear in the ring for the win.

Winners by pin: Daniel Bryan & Kaitlyn

- The Shield bring us another hand-held promo. They say their purpose is stronger than any one of Sheamus, Orton, or Big Show so the three of them together don't stand a chance.

- The Great Khali makes his entrance with Natalya and Hornswoggle as we take a commercial break.

- Jack Swagger enters with Zeb Colter and they cut a promo on their way down. They say in the ring, is everything that is wrong with this country today.

The Great Khali vs. Jack Swagger

Khali hits some chops and such to Swagger but Swagger fights back with knees to the gut in the corner. Khali hits a series of clotheslines as Swagger bumps around for him. Swagger takes out Khali's left leg and takes him down. Swagger applies the Patriot Lock on Khali on the floor and they both get counted out.

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