ROH TV opens this week with a recap of what happened last week that led to a SCUM controlled show this week.

Kevin Steen then comes down to the ring, followed by Jay Briscoe. Jay says that ROH is how he supports his family, and Steen and SCUM are messing with his livelihood. He says that at Supercard, he will take the title from Steen. Steen says that he will beat both Jay and Mark Briscoe, and he will be keeping his title. Steen walks off, and just Steve Corino and Jay are in the ring.

Jay pulls a long, rusty looking dagger thing out to attack Corino, and Rhett Titus, Jimmy Rave and Cliff Compton come out of the crowd to attack Jay. Mark Briscoe and Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander come out to save Jay, and they all brawl. A ref comes out and rings the bell.

Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander vs. Rhett Titus and Cliff Compton

Everyone continues brawling in the ring for a few minutes. Coleman and Alexander double team Titus. Titus comes back quickly and distracts the ref, allowing Compton to get a cheap shot on Alexander. Titus and Compton exchange tags, working on Alexander in the corner. Titus gets a big clothesline, and tries to pin Alexander but Coleman breaks it up. Coleman comes in and cleans house as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and Titus is hit from behind by Titus. Coleman counters an Irish whip and hits a leg lariat. He takes out Compton, and then kicks Titus. Coleman and Alexander hit a facebuster/leg drop from the top rope combination for a near pin fall. Alexander goes up top, and Jimmy Rave pushes him off onto the edge of the ring. Jimmy Jacobs gives Compton some powder, and hits Coleman with it in the face. Titus lands a dropkick for the win.

Winners: Rhett Titus and Cliff Compton

SCUM beats Coleman and Alexander down after the match, and Mike Mondo down for the save. He cleans house, except for Jacobs, and another ref comes down.

Mike Mondo vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Mondo hits Jacobs with a bulldog, and then goes outside. He attacks Jimmy Rave and tosses him over the barrier. Jacobs goes for a plancha and misses. Mondo lands a plancha, and sends things back into the ring. He then takes the cover off the ring post and jams Jacobs' arm down inside it. While he is hung up, Mondo kicks him multiple times. Things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Jacobs attempts a superplex on Mondo, which is blocked. Jacobs knocks Mondo to the floor, and slams him into the barrier multiple times. He sits Mondo up in a chair, and then hits him with a dive. Mondo comes back and hides under the ring. Jacobs goes to the apron and Mondo pops up through the apron and attacks him. Mondo tries to keep the attack up with an STO, but Jacobs locks in a guillotine. Mondo powers out and they exchange pin attempts. Jacobs win when he gets a pin and holds onto the ropes.

Winner: Jimmy Jacobs

Then, Inside ROH is shown, only it's called Inside SCUM instead. Steve Corino talks about why the various new members of SCUM joined up, with all the reasons pretty much being that they felt disrespected. Then Jimmy Jacobs and Corino talks trash on the Briscoes.

Then, a video with Kevin Steen is shown. He says he doesn't care about SCUM's plans. He says at Supercard of Honor, the match will be about him. He says Jay Briscoe is tough, and then the video is cut off and Corino gets mad that the clip was played.

Steve Corino, Rhino and Matt Hardy vs. BJ Whitmer, Michael Elgin and Jay Lethal

Everyone starts brawling. Corino offers Lethal a SCUM shirt, and Lethal refuses. He beats Corino around the ring and breaks his glasses. Elgin and Hardy are in the ring, and Elgin lands a delayed vertical Suplex. Lethal hits Rhino with an elbow and a missile dropkick. Everyone keeps fighting as the match goes to commercial.

Back from commercial and the rest of SCUM is down at the ring fighting as well. Lethal and Elgin are zip tied to the ropes. Whitmer gets teamed up on, and takes a Gore followed by a Twist of Fate for the SCUM win.

Winners: Corino, Rhino and Hardy

The refs untie Lethal and Elgin. They go after SCUM, who take off. Jay Briscoe comes down to the ring and says that at Supercard of Honor, Honor will kill SCUM.

The show then ends with the Lethal, Haas, Strong, The American Wolves, reDRagon, Martini, Steen and Jay cutting really short video promos about Supercard of Honor.

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