Source: CBS DC

The Big Show spoke with the Sports Junkies on 106.7 The Fan in Washington, DC this morning to promote tonight's RAW at the Verizon Center. During the interview, JP, one of the show's Junkies, wanted Show to perform the chokeslam on him.

"WWE Superstars aren't allowed to grab anyone by the neck, simulate choke holds, or picking up," Big Show said. "I've gotten enough letters from our legal department, I don't pick anybody up anymore or fake chokeslam."

Here are some more highlights from the interview:

WrestleMania being held outdoors this year: "Sure, spandex, outdoors, awesome! I tried to talk Vince [McMahon] into letting me be like the Yeti for one time only for WrestleMania so I can have a fur suit so I wouldn't freeze. He looked at me like I have four eyeballs. But I'm excited about it, I've got some unique tag team partners with Sheamus and Randy Orton. It's the three of us against The Shield, which should be a real exciting match-up. You've got three egomaniacs in Randy, Sheamus and myself, trying to work together to battle a common enemy."

The Rock working a part-time schedule: "I used to work with Dwayne before he went off to be successful. He was successful in our industry, he sold a lot of tickets, got a lot of guys over, was part of a great Attitude Era in our company... You can't really get mad at a guy that has an opportunity to transcend into another entertainment venue, do well at it, succeed and be a star. At Rock's level now, he doesn't have to come back and work with us. He does it 'cause he loves it."

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