Nikita Koloff Talks Almost Signing With WWE, His Feud With Magnum TA, WWE HOF, His New Show

Koloff: Sure. Of course, just a select few probably haven't worked with WWE. Although I've done some minor things with WWE recently in terms of helping promote and things like that. But, nothing major. But, it's been a great career.

WrestlingINC: You're now involved with Preachers' Daughter on Lifetime. How did that come about?

Koloff: Of course, I left wrestling in 1993. I tell people all the time I was successful with a great career in wrestling but I was unfulfilled like many of my peers -- Lex Luger, Sting and Ted DiBiase and other guys. I came to the realization that all the fame and fortune that comes with pro wrestling and those type of businesses -- it has a certain level of appeal but you realize it's really an empty chase.

So, 1993, the 17th of October, I found myself at an alter surrendering my heart to Christ. That decision that day -- if you had said to me 20-25 years ago that I would be traveling the world and preacher the gospel, talking about Jesus changing my life, I would have asked you what kind of drug you were on. it was just the furthest thing from my mind.

I didn't grow up in a church in Minnesota. If you still haven't figured it out, I'm not from Russia [laughs]. Burst somebody's bubble there, I'm sure. But the story was intellectualized but it was never internalized. That day October 17th, totally changed my life and the perspective on everything and how I saw life.

Flash-forward almost 20 years later and a door opened up for a reality TV show centered around my youngest daughter Kolby. The whole family is in there, I've got four gorgeous, absolutely beautiful, stunning daughters and a granddaughter. And an opportunity opened up last summer centered around her life as a daughter of a preacher.

The executive producers just absolutely fell in love with Kolby through the interview process. So, we became one of three families; the Perry family out in Oceano, California, the Colemans up in Joliet (Illinois) and the Koloffs.

It was an opportunity to come full-circle back into mainstream television. Lifetime network is where Preachers' Daughter is airing and it replays on A&E network. We're just excited. Already, it's been amazing, the popularity of it. From week one to week two, it jumped by a quarter of a million viewers. Thanks to guys like yourself that are helping me promote it, male viewership, for example, jumped 80% from week one to week two. So, we're just excited about what the show portrays.

It's on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on Lifetime. And again, you have to give it a chance and watch the whole series. Because, what I think you're going to see come to a conclusion is restoration, redemption and reconciliation. Just the life of young ladies and the pressures that they face no different than anybody else. All the topics are covered from divorce to dating to premarital sex. Everything is covered. We're just going to see how these families are able to address life's temptations and the challenges of life. As I said, we're very excited about it.

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